Cypex - drug metabolism in vitro using recombinantcytochrome P450 - Cypex - drug metabolism in vitro using recombinant cytochrome P450

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  • Ron Roth - The "plan" if your interested in taking control of your vocational life.The book is the latest edition of the yearly publication. Read my first copy in 1982 and have purchased the new edition each year since. My library presently contains 10 copies the others having been given to our children, nieces, nephews an friends.
    The book is an easy read as Mr. Bolles is a great communicator. Highly recommend you review the book in your local library first. If you are willing to invest some time in defining your skills, matching those to specific types of satisfaction providing vocations, locating specific employers and succeeding in the job interview this book provides the tools and numerou other resources.
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  • Albert Owens - The 90 Day Novel Re-Write by Al WattThis book is the perfect follow up guide and prompt for Watt's The 90 Day Novel. As with the first book 'Re-Write' supports and leads the writer on the second leg of the journey towards publishing. This requires a gentle, informed and inspired presence and Watt is exactly that. Through his own experience he has distilled a failsafe method that, for me, held the light up and gave me direction when the going got dark and I thought 'I'm not gonna make it'. Watt confesses his own fragility in the process. When a writer of his caliber exposes and identifies his frailties it makes it easier for a newcomer like me to step back, breathe deep and take the next leap of faith. 'Re-Write' Re-Oxygenates!
  • victory3201 - The perfect product!This item was much more than I expected for what I paid. It has a very appealing look, and fits anywhere. Connecting it to my wireless network took about 10 minutes, as I was unable to connect it using the WPS feature on my router. I suspect this is a problem with my router and not the product, (I've had difficulty connecting other wireless devices using this method.) It connected with no problem using the other method. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking to fill a room with crystal clear sound at an affordable price.