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  • 16takes - OUTSTANDING!I just finished reading The Power of the Pussy and it’s not at all what I expected, thankfully! I was expecting…well, something else. This book was full of advice that I didn’t realize that I needed. You get mixed messages in society today with regard to dating and sex, yet men have not changed. They must chase you, you must value yourself, you must not jump into the sack too soon, and you must be a lady. I lost my husband way too young in life and found myself alone at 51 and about to resort to the errors of my old ways. The only reason that I landed such an incredible husband, that worshipped the ground that I walked on, was because we knew each other when we were teenagers. I was two years older and seldom gave him the time of day. He had a crush on me and I thought he was too immature. I lost touch with him for 19 years and when I reconnected with him I discovered that he’d become quite a man. On the first date (against the Power of the Pussy rules) with only a little encouragement, I dragged him into my bed. In his mind we had courted for 4 years 19 years ago. Had he not considered our teenage years a courtship, I’m sure he would have considered me a f-buddy and never wouldn’t have asked me to marry him. In the 15 years that we were married I learned the definition of a good man and real love. After he died I thought that I couldn’t possibly find that kind of love again. I’m still not sure but after reading this book I am more optimistic. Most importantly, I’m confident that I’ll play the game and not be played. Every young girl that is beginning to show an interest in boys should be taught these rules. My parents tried to coach me after I made mistakes but it had little effect on me. It was too little and too late. Many years of heart ache ensued resulting in low self-esteem, self-doubt and depression. This book was abrupt, to the point, no nonsense, straight forward, relevant in the current day, may be shocking to some, but is highly valuable and humorous to those not shocked by her style and candor. Read it, believe it, live it and hold out for the best because you deserve it. Anything less is damaging and difficult to overcome.
  • dave mclaughlin - Great bookVery helpful. Has everything you need. My Doctor recommended it. I recently got diabetes and it is very helpful. It even has restaraunt foods in it so if you go to eat out, The book is small to keep on hand. The print is small.
  • Daniel Lyle - Shlaes Personifies Coolidge With Godly PassionsJust finished reading this excellent book on Coolidge. Shlaes takes a different tack in this book in contrast to The Forgotten Man, i.e. she brings the intimate details of Coolidge's life and presidency to life. The author paints such a vivid portrait of this great man's life that one can feel the hopes, fears and dreams of this man from Vermont from his more humble yet dignified beginnings, onto his arduous yet steady climb to prominence and power. Not just a book of facts and details, Shlaes personifies Coolidge as a real, human being with marvelous passions for goodness and a jealousy and pride in his name, legacy and duty towards his country and fellow man. You can almost feel the anticipation of the young Coolidge in trying to make it in college and then as a young lawyer struggling to be modestly successful and how his persistence slowly but surely pays off. You feel the immense weight of the offices he served in and the great pressures he faced in standing for the conservative principles that he believed in, notably principles of law, order, economy and service. You can hear yourself saying in your head "just hold in there, your efforts to right your country will succeed even if you have to endure some setbacks along the way" and further reading revealing that Coolidge did indeed persevere. Shlaes writes so beautifully that I could feel Coolidge's heartache at the loss of his son to an infection resulting in blood poisoning and shed a few tears reading of her account of the President's reception of a young boy who came to the White House to express his consolation to the president at his loss: <quote>Starling took him in; the boy was so overwhelmed, Starling [the Secret Service man] later recalled, that he could not speak. Starling explained to the president. And that time Coolidge nearly did break down; the president, Starling saw, "had a difficult time controlling his emotions." Later when they walked through Lafayette Park, Coolidge told Starling, "Colonel, whenever a boy wants to see me always bring him in. Never turn one away or make him wait."</quote>. The account Shlaes gave of Coolidge speaking to some Boy Scouts of his Faith in a God of love after the death of his son also struck me as profound. Coolidge was an avid supporter of the Boy Scouts and of the School for the Deaf that his wife Grace had worked as a teacher in. While initially tempted to write some progressive legislation early in his career, Coolidge quickly learned the dangers of such legislation and did an about face. He was a strong advocate of the Rule of Law and tried his utmost to limit government spending, continue the work his predecessor Harding started in instituting a budget plan for the administration, and believed that tax monies were sacred funds not to be squandered or spent lightly. Whenever possible he believed in refunding taxpayers unspent funds that were freed when debts were paid off and a revenue surplus prevailed. Coolidge was truly a hero that this nation can revere and look to as a pattern of not only what is possible, but what is necessary and prudent. Coolidge offers great hope of one man who with the support of his friends and great conservative leaders, won a victory for freedom and liberty. This victory was obtained only after fighting hard and relentless in the face of almost insurmountable odds and forces seeking to expand government and limit freedom. Such a victory in the context of such opposition deepens one's appreciation for the greatness of this late president who actually cut the national debt nearly in half.
  • Tim Frank - Great Book!To anyone trying to understand the "mysteries" of female behavior, this book is a great education in relationships! My wife loves the "new me". I highly recommend this book to those guys trying to puzzle through the strange responses they sometimes get from their favorite lady.