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  • Sean McEdward - Instant SMART tv conversion achievedThe out of the box experience provided by the A100 is flawless. Using Bubble UPnP I can push any media on my phone to my tv. Using an android browser I can keep up on my sports video streams. AnTuTu benchmark tests yield results showing the A100 comparable to the Galaxy S3. I appreciate the solid feel of the unit.

    If you have not had the pleasure of owning a KDLINKS let me inform you that the customer service is top tier.
    For $100 you can turn your tv into a SMART tv. If xbmc is your thing or maybe angry birds on your 65" I recommend the A100.

    For those worried about the motion of the air mouse let me put your concerns to rest. There is a sensitivity setting to increase or decrease the speed of the pointer, no doctoral degree is required to operate ;)
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  • Emptynestertraveler - Excellent readAn excellent book on who the man Jesus of Nazareth was and how he evolved into being understood as the divine Christ. This is a history book not a theology book and as such Aslan is the perfect author as he has no personal view of Christian theology to defend. His understanding of the history and politics of 1st century Jerusalem, as well as the early Jewish diaspora, is impressive (he has a Master's of Divinity degree from Harvard). His writing style is very readable (he also has a Master's degree in Creative Writing from Iowa University). Be sure to read the extensive chapter notes which cite his sources, they are as readable and informative as the main chapters themselves. This book provides important insights into the Christian faith with more maturity and authenticity than those who simply recycle shallow and cliched Orthodoxy.
  • I Love Online Shopping!! "Deal Hunter" - 4 Months of Daily Use and Still Really ImpressedAfter far too much research about strollers and carseats while I was expecting my son I finally chose the Britax B-Agile and B-Safe. I have been just so happy with my purchase. My son was a big boy at birth but I have used this stoller wtih him since he was 1 1/2 months old. The straps adjust and have always held him in securely and comfortably. It folds really easily and is super light. Also, I love that it angles around so easily. There isn't anything that I don't like about this stroller. I get compliments on it constantly. Also, the car seat snaps into the adapters really easily and the hood on the stroller combined with the hood on the carseat completely cover the baby from the sun and wind.
  • Tyler Jones "CyberVox" - Fast, affordable and simply the best!After having been using definition-based antivirus software for years, I decided to move into the future and check out cloud-based/heuristic antivirus software. Upon reviewing several antivirus software companies, I decided to put my faith in Webroot. This is my declaration that this action was one of the best things I could have done.

    Upon downloading the original installation files, I immediately found that Webroot was smaller and quicker than most antivirus software. The installation was easy, and catered to the user with it's ease; it was also not bulky like definition-based antivirus software is. At first, I figured that this meant it was simply an installer that would then download a much larger database worth of data. But, I soon came to realize just how powerful cloud-based antivirus software actually is; there was no need for all that unnecessary data!

    After fully installing it, I immediately went to work on testing the product. I put one of my three copies on a secondary virtual environment, and started throwing viruses and malware at it from random collections that I have collected. 90% of the malware I tested on it is less than one year old; 75% of that is less than 3 months old. It detected all of the viruses. Compared side by side with other big names like Norton, AVG and TrendMicro, it bested them in all of my tests.

    Over all, I'm extremely pleased to be utilizing Webroot SecureAnywhere on my systems; I have a need for security, and Webroot delivers a perfect product to meet my needs. It's not bulky, it is not intrusive, nor does it slow my system down when scanning or any other action it may be taking. Yet, it protects my system better than any other software I've tested. The scans are quicker, more reliable and pleasant to do; it's no longer a hassle to scan my computer for viruses. Thank you Webroot, you've made a lifetime customer. Continue the wonderful work!