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  • alberchico "tupolev" - A masterpiece that needs a little patience....Shame on all the people trashing this product. The server issues will be solved and the game will run normally in a matter of days. I hate to break it to you but most games today are built with a server connection in order to protect against piracy. Suck it up people. There is nothing wrong with the game itself and by all accounts it should be a hit once the tweaks get fixed...
  • J. Davis - Even with Dual Core, Still a Great Little TabletI've had a Nexus 7 and Nook HD+, but I just got this and am insanely glad I did so.

    The Nexus had a degrading processor, so while it was fast, it would get slower with each update. The Nook HD+ was beautiful to view, but very unwieldy and slower than molasses. This is the sweet spot: beautiful to view, light to hold, and surprisingly nimble. I may upgrade to the HDX next year, but if you are a reader and sometime video watcher, this tablet is fantastic.
  • Marlene White - Kindle 2 is a five star productI finally bought my very own Kindle-2, three weeks ago. It is exactly what I imagined it would be. Easy to read, download books and newspapers. I love having the Wall Street Journal on my Kindle in the morning. There is nothing difficult about using it. There is a comprehensive guide programmed in, if you have questions. Great purchase, fair price. I love it.