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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 19801 Wilmington, Delaware

  • Decosphere - Well Refined TechnologyI have had many Panasonic phones over the years, not because they break but because they keep getting better! And Cheaper! I would rather buy a new phone system than buy new batteries, because when the batteries finally where out Panasonic has something better (but that may change now because these new phones use common rechargeable batteries instead of those special things we used to have to buy). This was no disappointment either! Longer range - less noise - sleek looking - big display - unobtrusive phones - call blocking - talking caller ID, pleasant ring tones - etc etc etc. I have them all over the house.

    My only complaint, but I still give this 5 stars, is that I use my phone provider for the answering service. A message will pop up on the display to tell me when I have a message but that is it. The older phones had a little light that would come on when I had a message. This phone will periodically beep if there is a message but only when you use the phone's answering machine, even when the phone knows there is a message! They should fix this, but so many other good things that I won't mark it down.
  • Richard l epps - Good ideain my opinion, if you do not have a touch screen computer, windows 8 is useless. i mean its pretty cool to have, but the way the built this program is basiclly around a tablet OS. it is manageable with your mouse, but like i said, its made for a touch screen computer or tablet...
  • Joan M "loyalj" - Scenic Word PlayJess Walter from Spokane, Washington, not my destination hot spot, has put together many true life experiences, trips to beautiful Italy while imagining his favorite movie heros and lovely actresses from the 1960's into to this star struck plot. He creates images from a secluded Italian sea coast village to Hollywood, California movie offices with three tragic characters who will meet once again after 50 years. Lives change, people move forward and there are happy endings.