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  • Basil MacDougal - Way To Go PadmaMarried at 10 years old and widowed at 18 with two children, this is a fascinating novel that spans the lifetime of Sivakami, of Brahmin, from 1896-1962. For someone such as myself, knowing very little of eastern culture, I found it quite captivating. Yet, at the same time, I felt a great sense of connectedness. I suppose people around the world, while very different in many ways, are yet still the same in many other ways. Viswanatham's prose match the restrained world of the Brahmin widow. The language is exquisite and written in the present tense, which, in my mind lends a great deal to the narrative of this story.
    I am near the end of this lengthy novel which gives a very interesting picture of India from the end of the British raj up to the modern era of Gandhi and Nehru. My hat is definitely off to Padma Viswanthan for her first novel! I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning of other cultures, other times, and fascinating characters.
  • Cali girl - Finally something that really works!!!I have struggled with BV since I was a teenager. I would try just about anything to cure my BV. I have consulted multiple doctors to help me with my problem. I have taken flagyl more than enough times. The Flagyl cures the infection only for it to come right back. I have taken flagyl so many times the smell of it makes me sick. I refused to take flagyl anymore I decided I would just deal with the problem. I looked on line and found some probiotics that deal with that problem. The probiotics helped a little but just a little to finicky to use. I would have to go through this whole regimine if I had an out break. I still found that better than flagyl. I know the things we go through just to be comfortable.I came on Amazon to reorder some more probiotics when I ran across the water works product.I bought one and after the first use I was thrilled a day had passed no symptoms. It has been a little under 2 months and I have been very happy with this product. I even bought one for my best friend. My confidence has been restored. I feel good about my self. I can finally be confident with my body. Thank you so much for loving women enough to develop this technology.

    WaterWorks Natural Vaginal Cleansing System
  • GinDz - Fits many table sizes!I bought this one to replace the faulty Regalo Easy Diner that I purchased from Amazon. This one fits my table perfectly. It is very easy to take on and off, is secure, and it appears to adjust to a variety of table sizes, unlike the Regalo. The seat appears to be very secure, it is a padded piece of wood or plastic. Your baby doesn't just sit in the seat cover only with no support. There are, of course, safety straps for when my son starts trying to climb out of it. The material is easy to wipe down or you can just take it off and wash it. I wish I had spent the extra money on this one first.
  • J. Al-hashimi - No slowdown or issues... works better than NortonUntil recently, I've been using Norton. My subscription expired on my laptop so I tried Titanium. Installation was easy. User interface is intuitive. It runs quietly in the background with minimal disruption. I haven't noticed any slowdown in my system. With this package, I was able to also put a copy on my MacBook (it comes with 3 Mac licenses) and my desktop. No slowdown or issues so far on any of these systems. It also comes with a nice 50 GB data backup service which also serves as a nice synchronization service between my computers.
  • Preggo - Explains the evidence, lets the reader decideI really enjoyed this book. During my pregnancy, I was also faced with conflicting opinions and prohibitions, which made things very confusing. Expecting Better lays out evidence from studies (as well as explaining the difference between different types of studies, something that many of us without training are unable to do) and leaves it to the reader to decide her own comfort level with these choices. I wish I had read it at the beginning of my pregnancy, and not only at 8 months.