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Food and Drugs Administration Govt. of Goa, India - Food and Drugs Administration Govt.of Goa, India


Country: Asia, IN, India

City: Ponda, Goa

  • Carole Ruyts - Excellent book, Good service.I actually paid more to get this book quicker than the workbook and scarf and I got both of them first, so that did not impress me. Also the cover was kinda worn, like old and broken in. Not ripped or anything, and inside was highlighted but only the first chapter, so not bad at all for the price. Overall, I am very happy with it. I love the book and the contents are fantastic so it is worth all the rest.
  • PD - H&R Block At Home DeluxeI have been using this product (used to be called Tax Cut) for at least 15 years and find the software very reliable - never had to amend a return, never had a audit, never crashed. It's companion Deduction Pro is a great way to itemize dozens of charitable deductions, medical bills, etc., and uploads easily to the tax program. Can't see changing to that other big seller.
  • BT Bella - Great addition to your cookbook collectionOttolenghi is one of my favorite chefs. His recipes, while occasionally complicated with hard to find ingredients, are always well worth the effort. Everything single dish I have attempted by him has been delicious. So much so that I now have all of his cookbooks. Highly recommend purchasing this book.
  • Kemmer Matteson - Quickbooks for managing your businessAs a busines consultant myself; i am amaziwd on how many business are not using an accounting program. While on line banking makes it easy to pay bills and balance yur checkbook it they do nothing around the Profit and Loss or management of it. This is essiential for any business owner and easy to use and set up. If you are not using an accounting program get this now.
  • Beanboy - The Little Engine That Could!I've played train sims since 2004, mostly MSTS and Trainz. My favorite was Trainz because of the ease of use and the ability to build your own route. Then I found Railworks 2 and 3 and have never looked back. It's simply AMAZING! Not just the graphics but the details. The conductor is life-like and moves as do the passengers waiting at the station. The windows of the cab open and close. The passenger cab and engine cab sway back and forth. The lighting on the metalic surface of the train looks soo realistic as do the weather effects in general. Im my humble opinion, Railworks is the FSX of train sims. Just a note though, Im running my copy on an I7 2600 with 8 gigs of ram and an Nvidia 570 graphics card and was getting 10-15 fps until I turned OFF the dynamic shadows. Now it runs super fast!! I cant wait to learn how to build my own route as well. This game is great!!!

    UPDATE: So I just went online and Steam decided to update my version of Train Simulator to 2013. I wasnt pleased at first because I didnt CHOOSE for it up update my version of TS2012. Anyway, I have to say I LOVE the new version!!! The new interface is awesome and I can actually SEE the train I pick to before I drive it. Not only that but the quick drive feature is awesome AND it DID NOT delete my scenarios as someone else had mentioned. I also get better frame rates AND the overall picture is clearer than before. I was really mad at first but now I'm sooooooo happy!!!