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  • EDWARD FRASER - Powerfully hallucinogenicAfter I had finished reviving the Titanic from the Atlantic Ocean with my Denon AKDL1, cable was at a bit of loose end. I was upset with its basic inability to cook a decent roast dinner, and I offered it to my cat as a play-toy. One day the cat, who will remain nameless for credibility reasons, was honking on the input like Churchill on a cuban - and it began. After defficating consistently for 30 minutes, the cat began smearing patterns outlining the storylines of norse mythology, and meowing passages of Jefferson Airplane songs. Months passed...now the cat is living in a constant state of Guru-like enlightenment - puuuuuur.
  • T. Bowman "TaraFabo" - I'm NOT a new mom, and I love it!I wanted to add my review since so many reviews seem to be from first-time parents. I have an older edition so I can't speak to the latest material presented, although I will be getting this version soon.

    I am on my third son in five years. I'm exhausted and seem to be in a constant "new mom fog." This book has been such a great help in the middle of the night -- or day! It's easy to reference and has calm, clear advice. It's great to look in and say, "Oh, this is NORMAL!" and to also know when things aren't so normal.

    Dr. Brown practices here in my town and she was actually the first physician to examine my first son, since I saw another doctor in her practice. She is very much like her writing -- straightforward, smart, and knows her stuff.

    Every new and not-so-new parent needs this book!
  • Cannelle - Live from the Court of Henry VIII!What a time-travel trip of a read this is! I felt I was right there in Henry's court, right there in Cromwell's head. Right there! The details, the images, the voices, the horror and humor- all seemed so authentic. The writing itself is amazingly rich and beautiful. It reads like a literary detective novel and even though you know how it ends (poor Anne), it's fascinating to watch Cromwell collect all the evidence. Such a compelling character. Love him, hate him, you can't stop watching him and listening to his inner voice. I wish I could give this novel ten stars to reflect Mantel's brilliant talent.
  • Shera - I love it. Easy and stays cool.I have chemo-induced menopause and continued hot flashes from the drug I am advised to take for 5 years.... I bought the Chillow in May. All I can say is that I LOVE MY CHILLOW. I filled it once -- I was concerned about not getting the air pocket out (after reading other reviews) -- but it was simple to follow directions. All I need to do is lay it flat to reset the coolness... and it is simply lovely. I use it for my head and upper back.