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  • SpaceNabbers "JRR" - The Best Book On Healing PsoriasisPaired with the cookbook of the same title, these books make up the best on healing psoriasis. The best thing is that this particular one comes in different languages (as of now you have to contact Dr. Pagano's office to get them) so you can help your international friends. Terrific book with excellent action plans.
  • none - REFERENCE STANDARDthe standard reference for medical school requirements. a must for all applicants, although using a library reference copy might suffice for many applicants.
  • Vma714 - I Love Get The GuyI love this book!!! I have casually read it and I am in absolute love with all aspects of it. It not only gives great advice to get you out of your shell but it also has sections that you can go online and actually see what Matthew is talking about. It's amazing how using the advice from this book gets results you wanted.
  • Huge Viking - Ann Puts Liberals into a CornerIn a great nation where the mainstream media: i.e. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, as well as many of the largest newspaper circulations throughout such as L.A. Times and New York Times, are monopolized by liberal Democrats, we conservatives have FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Reagan and - yes - Ann Coulter!!! Liberals have been whining and crying for years, because they want to "Flush Rush", pacify Sean and Michael, and they want to zip up Ann. Overall, they wish to knock out FOX News, because they hate the actual truth. They only want us to watch "their" hate-mongering anchors bashing conservatives and praising liberals, which I suppose, they want to go as far as making that into law.

    We can compare the pro-Democratic/anti-Republican mainstream media with the old Soviet news agency TASS where censorship is the norm. Only news reports that are beneficial to liberals are released to the general public while anti-liberal reports are kept under lock-and-key and are tight-lipped. FOX News exposes to the public that libs don't want you to hear, and thank goodness a growing number of people are making the switch from the lies they hear from the liberal mainstreamers to FOX News. Ann regularly appears on Hannity & that other fellow we know as "Alan Colmes", attacking the left that only represent roughly thirty percent of this nation.

    Comparing Ann's brilliance in her book "How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)" can be compared with Rush's "How to Defeat a Liberal" is a must-read for those who are so fed up with that thirty percent of the American population who cannot tell the difference between the "truth" and a "lie". I find a lot of good humor in Ann's book that one would find it as a slap-in-the-face to staunch leftists. Liberals have been so critical of her attacks, that by derailing the liberal agenda would be a disaster for them. Liberals say they speak for the "American People" - ah - we would translate "American People" to a "People's Republic" (an official title used by communist nations), so we can see where they're headed, but they don't want us to think that they are following the ideologies of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels or Vladimir Lenin for big government, which they want.

    By all means, buy this book!