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  • doctpg - Rhis Book Changed My Life!I've been practicing Ethical Sluttery for 18 months now and it's all down to the September Edward Carpenter Community's Gay Men's Weeks!

    It all started in September 2009- "The Dance Between Power and Intimacy"-my first ECC experience and, there I was, all alone.

    Back home I was in a long-term relationship. The erotic expression of our love for each other had stopped years before. We were maintaining a monogamous tradition fearing the potential destabilising consequences of messing with the arrangement. I had been interested in meditation as a homphobia-free means of satisfying my hunger for spiritual nourishment and, I suppose, at the time I was searching for a spiritual home.

    The workshops during that week helped me to put my monogamous sexual barriers down. I explored how the experience of erotic sexual massage could combine with spiritual meditative practice and how loving intimacy was rapidly fostered between individuals who were prepared to engage in vulnerable-making self-exposure. I didn't realise at the time that this would set a foundation for me to embark on a path of authentic personal growth and enable me to engage in loving encounters like never before. Wow!

    When I returned from the week I was on fire! The stakes were high but I had to risk discussing with my partner making changes to the 12-year-old monogamous agreement we made when we'd first met. Being a naturally jealous bloke his reaction was to be cautiously OK about it. We agreed to me doing sexual things outside the relationship provided I would tell him what happened if he asked but not to tell him if he didn't ask. I love him and I didn't want to hurt him but I also sensed a chance to grow emotionally, spiritually and sexually. Here was a genie, which could not be popped back into its bottle.

    A good friend made on this first Gay Men's Week introduced me to the Faeries and I went to three gatherings that year- Featherstone Castle, Folleterre and Wansee. As is often the case I came away from each of these gatherings with something important learned about myself. Featherstome held a mirror up to my life-long approval seeking programming. Folleterre helped me to reflect on how my father's [patriarchy's] disapproval of the feminine aspects of my nature set the scene for not only my internalised homophobia but also a kind of internalised misogyny of which I had been previously completely unaware. Wansee opened my eyes to how the way I presented myself to others was profoundly affected by fear of shame and social rejection.

    So it was in the context of this roller coaster ride of personal growth and self-discovery that I was introduced to The Ethical Slut

    I wasn't sure if it was possible to be a Really Dirty Slut and to also be a Really Good Person at the same time. This book showed me how!

    The authors reclaim the abusive term Slut in the same way that Queer has been reclaimed for marginal sexual orientation and gender identity and in the same way that Faerie is reclaimed to proudly assert our sissy natured-ness. `Sluts' are those who dare to have sex more often, and in less conventional ways, than everyone else and, who refuse to be cowed into submitting to the social norms. `Ethical Sluts' are those who do this openly, honestly, lovingly and caringly with the intention of harming no one.

    I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who is stopping themselves from having, or openly admitting to having desired ethical sex out of fear that it would be immoral, socially disapproved of and because the consequences would mean guilt and social exclusion.

    The authors convincingly argue that our society is geared towards regulating sexual relationships so they fit into monogamous, politically and economically acceptable hetero-imitative configurations, which provide ostensibly stable environments for habitat-living-style-consumerism and child rearing. They confront the idea that sexual relationships exist in a `starvation economy'-' i.e. that there aren't enough sexual relationships to go around and so sexual relationships need to be jealously protected and safeguarded. They argue that there is an infinite potential for sexual relationships of all shapes and sizes and the key to accessing these in order to meet one's many and varied sexual appetites is, firstly, honesty in communication with one's partners and, secondly, negotiating clear unambiguous agreements which enable the involved partners to feel emotionally safe and secure.

    Of course it isn't all necessarily going to be a bed of roses and it would be surprising if jealousies didn't arise in polyamorous arrangements. The authors present convincing arguments about how the working through of jealousies is a potentially very good thing both for the development of the affected individuals but also for the relevant relationships.

    It could even be possible that `compersion' -the emotion of joy at one's partner's happiness with another sexual partner might even prevail!

    The interesting thing about becoming honestly polyamorous [as opposed to the conventional dishonest non-consensual non-monogamous pattern of polyamory-or `having an affair'- prevalent in western cultures] is that it allows you to enjoy a wide variety of sexual partners without having to lie or feel bad about it. And rather than distancing you from love and spirit it has the potential to deepen you spiritual growth too. If that isn't enough to convince, you also get a chance to feel the full force of conventional societal disapproval and to work on your own issues of guilt shame and approval seeking!

    Read the book and start to change the world!
  • ddcobbs - Sketch Pro 2011 ReviewI recommend the product for any artist who aspires to work with computer graphics, comic book work, graphic design, painting, etc., especially if you own a Cintic or computer tablet that allows you draw directly onto the computer and save you sketches. Very user friendly software product that's a must.
  • Cap'n CrunchbyShips - From one Cap'n to another...Being a farin sea captain I was relieved when I discovered the secrets to ship dodging. I discovered it not in the lands of mythological creatures, Atlantis, or even the Bermuda Triangle. No......... It was this book, this very book... HOW TO AVOID HUGE SHIPS by John W. Trimmer babay! If you have ever found yourself lost at sea, alone, starving, not a bowl of cereal beside you, scurvy in your mouth, scurvy in the brain, and an approaching HUGE ship.. not just a small ship, i am talking a HUGE ship then you must also pick up this book and read your way to freedom. What would have happened to the iceberg if it had avoided the Titanic? I can only wish now that this brilliant piece of literary genius had been around during the time of the unsinkable Molly Brown.... perhaps then there would be one more polar bear today living upon that very iceberg.... not to mention of course, the several water molecules that could have avoided not just a HUGE ship, but also a huge amount of pain. And as i lay my fingertips to rest I leave you all with one last thought......

    DONT GET IT ON A KINDLE!! (It will do you no good when you are out at sea)