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  • Sathia - Fantastic game, very deep and entertainingFirst of all, to all those "1 star" reviewers - sorry to hear that you had to endure the pain of "server unavailable" errors after paying $60 to play this game. I pre-ordered, but the game wasnt delivered until March 8th so ended up skipping all that drama.

    And boy am I glad I did. The game is fantastic. My 7yr old son and I spent a solid 5-6 hours in front of the PC building our first twin cities. The first city was a disaster and within the first hour, we ran out of almost the entire $1 million "seed" money! We built a nuclear plant and ended up with a huge surplus of power we couldn't use (while the nuclear plant kept using up like $1500/hr or something insane). We decided to issue bonds (I explained what they were to my 7 yr old; what a great way to teach him how government works! sweet!) and raise $300K. With that money, we managed to reverse our fortunes and went from leaking $5000/hr to making $1500/hr, in about 2 hours of gameplay.

    The simulation is deep. And when you think you have reached the full depth of something (say the transit system), it opens up more options and endless possibilities. We were playing in sandbox mode, and havent even tried the other modes yet. Cant wait! I have played Simcity 3000 and 4 in the past, and something about this 5th version feels way "better" in the way it has been executed. The game feels more real and balanced. Road creation is vastly improved with all kinds of shapes possible.

    I noticed the game doesn't have the Undo option which was a bit weird. What was weirder was that I didnt miss that at all - I did have a few cases where I felt like it would've helped, but the bulldozer option worked just fine. In some ways, the game felt more "real" without the Undo option.

    My computer hardware configuration (this is a HTPC in my living room) is as follows:

    Core i3-2105, 8GB RAM
    NOTE: I am using the in-built graphics, HD3000
    Silverstone Sugo SG06BB HTPC Case

    I had to keep the graphics mostly at low-medium, and resolution at 1600x900, but the game was quite playable. Scrolling is slow, but not by very much. The game seems to be more CPU dependent than GPU gated. I am thinking about upgrading to a card like the Radeon HD7850 so I can experience all the bells and whistles the game has to offer.

    And if you are wondering I ran into any Server Issues, the answer is yes. Once after I restarted the game. But another restart later, the game logged me in just fine. I have not run into it since then. I am hopeful EA will keep their servers up and running in good shape so we can forget about the launch fiasco and focus on having fun!
  • Meloney - love this tabletI really love this tablet purchased it for my two year old daughter however, I love it so much I tend to use it more often then she does. will be writing a more comprehensive review soon.
  • Greg "gkw1982" - A Complete Collection of Seether's Hits!I'm the kind of music fan that pays close attention to the bands I like. I always remember which songs are released as singles, whether they become major hits or not. Every time a band puts out a "greatest hits" album or a "best of" album, they ALWAYS end up leaving off some key songs. I'm not saying that EVERY single has to make the cut, but at least get all of the successful hits! Nope, they always leave off 1 or 2 major hits just to anger you enough to go out and buy one more thing to round out your collection. After all, most of these compilation albums are put together by the record company, the band rarely has much involvement. Not in this case, though! Seether did the incredibly obvious thing to do, which also happens to be something very rarely done... THEY PUT EVERY SINGLE ON HERE!" I've been listening to these guys since a couple weeks before their first album was released, and I can tell you that they didn't miss anything here. The first album (Disclaimer) is represented with Fine Again, Driven Under, and Gasoline. The version of Broken on here is not the original album version; it's the more popular re-recording that they did with Amy Lee from Evanescence. Then the second album (Karma & Effect) is represented with Remedy, Truth, and The Gift. From the third album (Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces) we have Fake It, Rise Above This, Breakdown, and the cover of Careless Whisper which was released on later pressings. Finally, the band's fourth and most recent album is represented with Country Song, Tonight, Here And Now, and No Resolution. These are all fantastic songs (although I was never crazy about Careless Whisper), and I think this will make all you casual Seether fans very happy! However, don't be scared to check out the band's individual albums, which are all very solid. After all, some really great songs like Sympathetic and Fur Cue never made it to the radio.

    However, things don't end there. We get a whole other disc containing B-sides and other rare songs from the band. This is cool for devoted Seether fans like myself, but it would make more sense to release this seperately. Obviously this was packaged together to ensure sales from both casual AND diehard fans of the group. (This was probably the record label's idea.) Oh well, at least the price is cheap! This disc begins with a cover of Seether, a song originally recorded by Veruca Salt and most likely the inspiration for the band's name. It sounds pretty good, but it seems a little mellow and I was thinking the band was really gonna rock out with it. Then there's Safe To Say I've Had Enough and Weak, which I believe are both newly recorded songs. Out Of My Way and Hang On were recorded for movie soundtracks, but I don't understand why they put these on here since they were included on Disclaimer II. We also have Let Me Go from the Remedy single, and No Shelter from the NCIS soundtrack. The rest of the songs are demos from various points in the band's career. All of this stuff is pretty good if you're a fan of everything else from Seether, it's just nice to have some lost gems.

    This will make a great Christmas gift if you know a big Seether fan out there, or anyone who likes modern mainstream rock. Let's give a round of applause to Seether for putting together a collection of popular songs that is solid and complete!