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  • Morgan Edwards - Smooth, Stylish, & Simply Spot-On!I ordered this case the very day I bought my new Macbook Pro 13inch laptop.
    With my new Amazon Student membership, it was on my doorstep in TWO DAYS!
    I've owned this product for well over a month, now.

    - The color was perfectly true to what I viewed on my laptop screen. (The name "Robin Egg Blue" is spot-on.)
    - It fits like a glove, and it was fairly easy to put on.
    - It's satin-touch feel makes carrying, holding, moving, etc. my laptop amazing.
    - The Apple logo glows through the front beautifully, and I've had several compliments on it!
    - There are four small, white feet that keep the laptop elevated comfortably and allow the laptop space to vent.
    - The slits underneath make me very happy because they eliminate laptop over-heating problems.

    Overall, this cover is perfect to add some personality to your laptop and dust/scratch protection. THIS IS NOT A PROTECTIVE CASE FOR HARD WEAR AND TEAR.

    So, don't spend $50 on a satin, hardshell case at the Apple Store, or online. This is the same thing, and those others are extremely overpriced.
  • Gayton81 - Worked as advertisedOk so the first day of taking these not too much happened. But day 2 and after, be prepared (ALWAYS). These pills definitely worked and helped clean my body. I recommend doing these when you will not have to travel any length of a distance but are close to a restroom at all times. These made mine and my spouse's bowels move many times (4-6) times a day so that is why I say be prepared because it wasn't something that would be easing up on you and you have time to drive 15 minutes home, it would hit your stomach and you better be able to stop within 5 minutes. Just trying to be as honest as possible. And soyou can plan, it says to take 4 pills twice a day for 10 days.