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Country: North America, VG, British Virgin Islands

  • DaisyGirl - A wonderful book; it is real, insightful, and heartwarming,Jan Karon is an extraordinary writer. She portrays the characters in her books with amazing consistency and great depth. She truly has accomplished her desire of giving her readers a small town to love and live in while reading her books. This is my third time reading "At Home in Mitford" and I catch more insight into her characters each time I read it. There is a powerful simplicity in this book, yet life is real, challenging, and the main characters grow in integrity, strength, kindness, and love for each other. It stands apart from shallow, self-absorbed, and careless living found in many books written today. Thank you Jan Karon!
  • carol grubb - A great love story.I loved the story. The characters were great and I loved their interaction. I always enjoy a medical setting it makes it more interesting.
  • Edward Winter - Great resource with clear exercisesWithout a doubt a great resource for starters. Also a great guidance for teaching or auto didactic learning. The resource is refreshing and clear to understand, supported by exercises and innovatively extended by clear videos. I love the approach where a Civil project starts and ends through the whole book. And not the least to mention: besides Imperial units it supports Metric units too. This is the first Civil 3D book I've found which clearly and extensively explains how the automated field to finish in Survey works using a point text file without using the field book format.
    I can recommend this book to everyone who wants to learn Civil 3D by themselves or as a guidance when learning by a teacher in a class.
    One little remark: I expected with this latest release a short explanation in this book of how Survey data can be queried to produce a surface. But then again this book represents the essentials. For more in dept and extensive resource you need to go to books like Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D. But the overall review for this Essentials book is 5 stars worthy. It's really a great book. Cheers!
  • Slim R - Great Bike for the Money!! 40 miles in a few days and it is a nice bike.This bike is a lot of bang for the buck. I built it myself from the box and was impressed with the fit and finish of the entire package. I would say you would want to be an intermediate to advanced wrench to build it. The bike needed only some minor adjustments and it was near perfect. I ride 12.5 miles each way to work and it does everything it should.

    i ride with two guys who have spent $2100 and $1600 on their 29 ers and this bike holds it's own against them at $550. Yes, I gave up a couple pounds against that price but it left me money to buy other things like winter gear and a couple of upgrades.

    I am 6'4" and the XXL 22 inch frame is perfect for me. I really shopped around and their are not many bikes in this price range that are dual disc brake and actually have multiple frame sizes.
    I have already taken this bike over some nasty rocky paths and it is very nimble and climbs like a billy goat.Rough enough that I got a flat that I had to repair - there is a self seal slime tubes upgrade in this bikes near future.