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  • Phyllis Lichtenstein - New User to Mac

    As a new user to Mac and the Microsoft's Mac version of Office, I'm trying to customize my Word and Excel toolbars to include the functions I most often use. I've had to refer to The Missing Manual several times to just find the function icons -- as the Mac version of Office is NOT intuitive. Although I found most of the information I was looking for in the "Hints" sections of the Manual, the info was there, and I was able to follow the instructions easily. For my taste, the author is a little too 'chatty' - as I prefer just the facts - I find the Manual MUCH more complete and direct than the "For Dummy's" series.

  • Greg - It's thin...but not aerodynamic

    Loved this tablet for the 3 weeks that I had it...until I left it on my car and drove thin as it is, it wasn't able to fight the force of the wind and I'm sure I lost it somewhere on the 405...if not earlier. Poor little guy, probably kept up for the first half mile or so.

    Anyway, it really is a great tablet...but I guess I'm just going to wait for the newer HD model...and hope maybe it comes with a spoiler.

  • Andrey Dravinski "The Great Cow" - This allows maximum Science! Weird Science!

    At last my plan for world domination is at hand!

    With this magical rock I will figure out a way to transmogrify gold into turnips and destablize world markets!

    Fear my gourds!

    /end silliness

    Ok for reals now. A nice little container with a certificate of authenticity explaining a bit about the sample and what it does. A cool little gift for the geologist/palentologist geek in your life.

  • S. L. Weller - Five star product.

    Very well made. Compact. Has a good heft. Feels very solid. And, it does what it's supposed to do. Buying things off the web can sometimes be a gamble. So it's always a pleasant surprise when something is as I expect it to be. If you need a powered USB 3.0 hub, you won't go wrong with this one.

    Keep in mind that not all USB cables are not created equally. If you need/want/expect USB 3.0 speeds, you have to use 3.0 cables. Yes, there is a difference.

    There is one discrepancy in the description. It says it comes with a 2A power supply. Mine cam with a 2.5A power supply. Nice!

    I highly recommend this hub.

  • Double_Ones "music lover" - Very Entertaining

    This game is really fantastic. My five-year old son is hooked and I (36 years old) am also hooked. It's a great learning tool for him and has been a lot of fun for us to play together.

    As for the whine-a-razzi crying about the "Draconian DRM," just hush. How often are you removing and reinstalling video games anyway? Ever re-install MS Office or Windows and have to call to get it authorized? Yeah, that's right, no big deal.