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  • Eric F - Diablo 3 is worth the wait!The wait for Diablo 3 is over and Blizzard gave us a great successor. Diablo 3 is a fast and fun linear dungeon quest game that continues the Diablo tradition. It provides adventuring, questing and crafting in a simple yet exciting format. If this is not what you are looking for then play something else. The graphics are beautiful and the game mechanics have been greatly improved. Diablo 3 plays faster and is more intense then its predecessors. It is totally engrossing and keeps you continually challenged.

    There has been a lot of whining about the requirement for an online connection and the difficulties of using Battlenet during the first two days of the release. First, it was clearly stated and publicized that Diablo 3 was to be online only. That is a game producer's right. If you don't like it, don't buy it. That is how consumer's voices are heard.

    Secondly it is disappointing that Battlenet has had difficulties and been brought down several times for emergency maintenance but I would simply counsel patience. It seems that people today demand everything be available for them immediately. This is impossible. Problems occur. New things have shake down periods. This is inevitable. I have been inconvenienced by Battlenet's unavailability and have been dropped a couple of times as well. However I have played for about three and half hours so far and I love this game! I have complete faith in Blizzard's ability to address all the Battlenet issues and get them resolved.

    I look forward to hundreds of hours of fun with this game. I give Diablo 3 five stars because Blizzard has delivered an updated and improved Diablo for current computer standards and no one does gaming better then Blizzard.
  • AndreaF - Intestinal FortitudeI began my journey to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet via the "No More Wheat" campaign, which began with my looking for a more natural way to treat my IBD. Like many other people, I relied solely on medicine to heal my disease, but as the years passed I realized that I was not really getting better... although my symptoms could be a bit suppressed, eventually I realized that diet did play a huge role in a disease that affected my digestive system.

    After reading about this diet online, I laughed for a half hour when imagining myself adhering to such a strict way of eating. I was in denial and addicted to the things that this diet makes you give up: Grains, dairy, carbs and refined sugar.

    If you are anything like I was in regards to pasta, potatoes, baked goods, ice cream, etc, you may want to take a couple of weeks to thoroughly research this diet and mentally prepare yourself for changing your life. There are things to do before just jumping in to the SCD. For example purchasing a yogurt maker (I use the Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker and LOVE it!), or researching how to ferment yogurt a different way. Researching recipes to replace things you love (almond or coconut flour baked goods), and finding new recipes that you think look good is another thing you can do to prepare, just as a couple of examples.

    The book explains the science behind the diet in a comprehensive manner that is easy to read and not full of jargon that might be confusing. The recipes provided are a great start in the SCD journey. The first week is the hardest, and it is there that you will need the most strength. Don't give up; you can do it.

    It has been almost 2 months since I began the SCD, and I have had a moderate lessening in my symptoms. I am not cured, but my doc says that this diet can take a while to show improvement as it takes time to heal something as complicated as an immune system. My goal is to eventually get off of my harsh and somewhat frightening meds, and to be symptom-free. The end result is worth trying something as logical as eating in a healthy manner and sacrificing the foods that were doing me no favors. As a bonus, I've finally started losing (10 lbs!) some of that prednisone weight, too!

    I highly recommend this book, and would like to add that OF COURSE one should consult with their own docs before starting this or any other diet. Good luck, chin up, and remember the end goal!
  • JasonDC - Great device! What's with the 1-star reviewers...1) Asus has announced they will unlock the bootloader. Why are people who don't even own the Prime giving it 1 star reviews? How are those reviews even still up? Apple forums are that way, fanboys -->

    2) The GPS isn't pinpoint. Who really cares? Are you planning on getting lost in the wilderness where somehow a more accurate GPS will help you find your way home? Who honestly thinks this is even worth docking 1 star. IT was a stupid oversight on Asus's part, but if this device didn't have GPS at all, I'd still buy it.

    3) Do not get the TF700T. People seem upset because they early adopted the TF201 and now Asus announced the TF700T. As recently announced, Asus will charge a $100 premium for a different case backing (read: GPS upgrade), upgrade from 720p to 1080p resolution, and a 0.7 mp upgrade on the front facing camera.

    Everything else is the same.

    This is the worst way to spend $100 I can think of. The difference between 720p and 1080p on a 10 inch screen isn't all that amazing or necessary. Additionally you can count on the battery life being worse to support the higher res (no evidence, but Asus said battery life will be "comparable" - code talk for worse but only slightly). The camera upgrade is negligible for 100% of users. So if it's worth it for you to drop $100 for better specs on paper, have at it. I'd rather spend that money toward the keyboard dock.
  • M. B. Edwards "Beth @ Curling Up With A Good ... - Intense action and heart stopping romance!!! 5 stars!!!The Testing...Where do I begin? I have read several reviews that state this book is similar to Hunger Games. OK yes it is similar in that it is a survival story where the candidates have to pass life or death situations in order to pass the tests YET it is sooooo different as well. The Testing is not only about surviving but also about instincts and smarts. There are so many twists that the main character has to "figure out." I was just completely enthralled by this story. It was everything you want in a Dystopian novel. It was full of intense situations, heart-wrenching romance, and die-hard action.

    The main character Cia was so easy to relate to. She was a normal young girl just wanted to live her dreams. Her whole life she has wanted the chance to be a candidate for the Testing and to attend the University where she will become a leader for the commonwealth. This was her one chance to make a difference in her small colony that her family lives in, Five Lakes Colony. None of her other family have had the chance to partake in the Testing except her father.

    Little does Cia know but the Testing is not what it seems. The Testing is nothing like what she dreams it is and what she has wanted to experience her whole life. She is immediately thrown into a world that shakes her to her core and causes her to fight for her life, literally. She goes into each "test" knowing that she may not make it and that the friends she has made along the way may not make it as well.

    "Leaders are forced to kill all the time. Then they have to learn to live with the decisions they make. Just like I'm going to learn to live with mine."

    As the story progresses Cia and Tomas (a young boy whom she grew up with) face disaster and treachery like you can't imagine and yet amongst all of this despair they begin a relationship. A relationship that helps both of them to fight and to want to survive each test. I love how their relationship is so powerful and how Tomas seems to love her unconditionally.

    There are so many twists and turns in this story...I devoured this book in three days...I could not put this book down. I literally found myself in the story with the characters. I cannot wait to read the sequel to this book ....I can't wait to see what Cia has to deal with next...This book was truly incredible and Joelle Charbonneau has an amazing writing style. She developed these characters in such a way that you can relate to each decision they make and you really "feel" for them...I recommend this book to anyone who wants a good survival story with lots of mystery. SO GOOD!!!