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  • C. Fread-Harman "bookish in SD" - exhilarating!The title is so very apt-the book fairly crackles with the quick movement of the story line! I've enjoyed some of their earlier books more but this one moves so well, like an avalanche with its intensity. I found myself reading far into the night and having to go back and reread some that I had skipped through too quickly for complete comprehension. The scenes of the many fires were so alarming, the descriptions so frightening that I had trouble
    visualizing how someone could depict the scenes with such intensity. Great story?
  • Shuvo - Awesome love the tablet!!!So like almost anyone & everyone i have been keeping a close eye since this tablet was announced & all i can say is wow this tablet is amazing!!

    I ordered the tablet when i saw Amazon had it in stock for $499, so i couldn't resist & placed the order. This is my 3rd tablet, my first was a XOOM then the iPad 2 & i have to say i am blown away by what ASUS did here. I was a little skeptical at first with all the negative reviews but then decided to take my chance seeing how Amazon has a good return system in place & boy was i not disappointed!

    The 1st thing when u get the tablet u will notice is how drop-dead sexy the tablet is! Its a solid build & the screen is just amazing!

    The WiFi is a little weak but i have yet to have any problem that really makes me regret the buy. Yes the WiFi is a weak sometimes, but honestly i never had a problem web surfing or doing any other online activities. I use my phones GPS more then my tablet so it doesn't bother me as much but with the WiFi the GPS isn't all bad.

    This tablet has impressed me in every way & exceeded my expectations in a lot of ways! The tablet is built like a beast! Its just buttery smooth & the only time i had problems was when i was trying to run 3 games at the same time & the marketplace & web browsing ...& even then the tablet was running smooth given u gave it a few seconds to cope.

    I have to say I am impressed by ASUS with the build quality! I have had multiple people ask me what it is & if they can play with it.

    I would definitely recommend it to anyone as long as u buy from Amazon with an awesome return & exchange policy! ..just in case anything goes wrong
  • Kathy Welsh - Couldn't be happier!I ordered this product on the recommendation from a friend who is a true chef. I love the user friendliness of this unit. The controls are marked how recipes are written i.e, low, medium-low, medium, medium high, high and sear. I also like how I can push the + and - keys to adjust the heat as I desire. I love the sear setting - brings a pot of water to boil in no time. My only complaint is the timer is a bit tricky to set but I can live with that. I have a very nice gas stove that is not getting used as much since I purchased this cooktop. I love cooking again!
  • Connie Stennett "cjs4jc" - Guiness World Records 2011I purchased 2 of these as Christmas gifts for 2 of my 9 yr old grandchildren, a boy and a girl. They were both very excited as soon as they opened the package, and stopped to read some of the pages, even though they had more gifts to open. The pages are beautifully photographed or illustrated...very colorful. Even though this book is recommended for age 12 and above, The 2 9 yr. olds who received this as a gift are very smart in school and read above grade level. It was an excellent choice for both of them!