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  • Barry Baumgardner - History of US Racial DemagogeryAnn Coulter does an excellent review of the issue of racism as
    it evolved in the United States over the last few decades. There
    are a number of twists and turns that are both surprising and
    unexpected during that evolution that Ann brings out that I've
    never heard before, and fact check as right on.
  • BusinessWoman - "The Plan" WORKS, from a natural skepticI have seldom written reviews, but this "Plan" is a GAME CHANGER for me. I have lost 10 lbs so far. I have not been this weight in 10 years! Food is no longer my enemy, it is my friend. I am not eating blindly (I had substantial food intolerances, allergies), but now can eat with a growing knowledge of what my body can digest and makes it feel healthy (vs exhausted and groggy) and LOSE weight. I have been to countless doctors and allergists over the years. None worked. It is not a diet, but a science of your body and an easy way to live forever. The purpose of the plan is solely to discover what YOUR body deems as "friendly" foods or "unfriendly foods". Every body is different. The friendly foods will make you lose weight, while unfriendly foods will make you gain weight. On days 1-5 of the plan I lost 7 lbs, but I ate a substantial amount of food and did no exercise. After day 4, you begin "testing" new foods to determine which food your body deems as friendly. Day 2 and 3 were extremely difficult (tired and groggy due to no protein), but by day 4-5 you feel fantastic and full of energy. My health, energy, menstrual cycle, hormones, mood all improved. Now foods for me are healing, versus harmful. I was eating healthy foods that poisoned me (gained weight eating egg whites, etc), but lost weight eating chicken, lamb, red wine, and chocolate. (But everyone is different what works for me, may not for you, until you test it yourself through the plan.) It sounds crazy, but it works. Simple foods such as oatmeal or tomatoes, your body may chemically dislike and as a result you gain weight. However, to do Plan you must be dedicated to cooking all your meals (ideally for the first 8 days, easy recipes and they are in the book) and to very carefully measuring your water intake (too much or too little water and you will gain weight). I would not have believed it could work until I experienced it first hand. I have done the Plan and so have several friends, we all lost weight easily and feel better. I am educated and have some nutrition knowledge, but we are all skeptics until we see for ourselves. It can help those with food intolerances, thyroid issues, diabetics, or those who just want to lose weight that will not come off and you don't know why. It is indeed BRILLIANT how she figured this food puzzle out, but it was a true game changer for me. p.s. - She has posted on her website "Lyn-Genet" () tips for prepping your food for the first 4 days. See Book, Tips. It will make it a bit easier to get going. (You have nothing to lose, but weight!)
  • Brooke - Impressive Floor PlanI am a Senior Move Manager and Stager and used your floor plan designer for the first time last month. It was easy to learn and very user friendly. My clients were so excited when seeing their floor plan with all their precious antiques and favorite furniture placed in their new home. It made it easy for my clients to know what to leave behind and what to take with them when the movers came to give a moving estimate. Then, of course, the move was seamless. We already knew where everything would go.

    The applications were nice because I could input wood grains and colors in order to see how rooms would actually look. It was easy for my clients to identify each piece because I could even add fabric design. The move went smoothly, the new home looks beautiful, and my clients are very happy.

    I would highly recommend this program...it made my job much easier!
  • purgatoristar - We all have a Maxine in our lifeI have been buying this for my mother as a Christmas gift for 5 years now. It's the gift she looks forward to opening!! She lives for her daily dose of Maxine and can't wait to share it with everyone she knows. She has been saving her favorite ones over the years and is starting to make a Maxine scrapbook ..lol