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  • Mr. O - Faithful CustomerThis is the 4th Seagate that I have purchased, two went to daughters because they had not been backing up any files what so ever. The third contains a complete backup of my previous computer prior to migration of data to the new one, this one is stored in the safe, and last bust not least is the most recent purchase which I use for backups of our current system. Seagate has not failed me yet. A Faithful Customer
  • M. Galea - So easy & Practical toolThis is my first ever ipad / tablet and I love it. Prompt, to the point, and so much at your fingertips. Excellent.
  • SeaRay22 - Each Gen gets betterThis is my 4th Garmin unit. In my opinion these units are great when they work. Each generation of the Garmin nuvi gets better. I like the 5 inch screen and any smaller is hard to see. I've had smaller and it just can't capture enough. The issue I have and I didn't deduct any stars bc it really just applies to Garmin, in the longevity of the units. They only last avg 3 years. This is because most of us just leave them mounted all the time. They take a beating from the Sun which essentially kills them. If you take care of your unit it will probably last a lot longer.
  • K. Berglund - Pure Christmas magic!Here's another fun-filled Hidden Objects app that will get you ready for Christmas. I really love the "White Christmas" theme of this one and the pictures are so great to look at, even if you're not playing the game. The music sets the tone very well, and your house will feel like Christmas the moment you start this app. Thumbs up!