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  • Dinky - RESTORES HAIRLINEI have been using this for about 5 weeks on my frontal hairline and it is almost regrown in. I will tell you that I am 49 and was receding a little in the front hairline and a little on the crown. I also use Nioxin #2 with the rogaine and the results are astounding. I assure that if you do not have male-pattern baldness, you will see results like me. Don't pay attention to the disclaimer on the
    Rogaine label, just give it a try on the front hairline. I decided (WHAT DO I HAVE TO LOSE) and the results are dramatic after only about 5 weeks. I have to say again, don't listen to the disclaimer give a shot.
  • Natalia Tarazona - Great product and effective!Have been using this product for a few weeks now and I love it! I haven't felt any side effects and it does curb my appetite. Not a lot but enough where I don't feel like I'm starving between meals. Other products that I have tried have given me a slight headache but definitely not this one. I have managed to combine these pills with healthy meals and gym work outs five days a week and I've lost almost 15 pounds! I recently ordered my second bottle and I'm looking forward to continuing my quest to lose 40 pounds. I can't speak for everyone but I really do like this product and would recommend it.
  • Michael Herlihy - The real dealThe P90X workout is the real deal--but you must do the work. Within in two weeks you will see a difference. Go through two cycles (180 days) and your body will be transformed. Horton's approach is holistic, incorporating yoga and core work, that addresses both physical and mental aspects of exercise.

    Do not hesitate! Buy this. Do the work. See the results.
  • D. Lantz - Quicken Deluxe 2011My five stars are for Quicken Deluxe 2011 as I use it for tax records. I was alarmed by the many negative reviews for this version of Quicken. But I had to upgrade from my old version when I changed to a computer with Windows 7. I dreaded trying to use the new version. But to my surprise, I like it very much! It's even more intuitive, easier to use, than the previous version. It is not a step back, in my opinion. However, I only use it for taxes. I can't comment on its adequacy for other purposes.
  • Isackson "Reader/Gamer" - Great dealThis deal for 199 on black friday was a no brainer even though I've already played the Uncharted series to death and played the first Infamous. If you haven't played the Uncharted and Infamous games this bundle is a complete steal. The Uncharted series is unquestionably in the top tier of current gen games and Infamous is very good as well. I don't think a better collection of 4 games has ever been boxed with a system.

    Personally I like the reduced size. It reminds me a lot of the late model PS2s. I love the fact that the laser can be accessed so easily for cleaning purposes. It was certainly a pain to have to crack open my older model PS2 every couple months for lens cleaning every time I got a disc read error. A couple years from now when older systems will eventually start having problems a lot of owners will appreciate that design change. The fact that they didn't restore backwards compatibility with PS2 is a bummer but that's been the case for all the recent models.

    At 299 this deal is debatable when compared to the other bundles. Some stores offer a Uncharted/Uncharted 2 bundle with a controller for 60 bucks. Basically making the games a 10 or 20 dollar ad on if you need to buy a second controller anyway. The Assasins Creed III bundle is also 299 and comes with a 500 GB hard drive instead of the 250 GB of this bundle. If you plan on downloading a ton of games/content that might be a better bargain for you. You can also get a 250 GB bundle with Uncharted 3 which retails at 270. Maybe hunt down the controller bundle and get the 3 Uncharted games with the system and two controllers for 330?