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  • EB "EB" - I Am So Proud of These Shoes!Wow! Just reading about THESE shoes have been an inspiration.

    I don't particularly like all the choice in shoe selections, and have changed my way of thinking about shoes as I've gotten older -- there's a particular set I wouldn't want for myself right now, (the decision would haunt me) but I understand the need for choice.

    If a woman suddenly finds herself with a pair of shoes she doesn't want, or were forced upon her, & knows she won't have the emotional or physical resources to treat the shoes with care and love & a bright future, well, then, she doesn't deserve those shoes. So, having choices is important. Perhaps, one day, later in life, that woman may regret not getting those shoes, but there is just as great a chance that not getting those shoes was the best decision she could've made in that situation, at that point in her life.

    Choice in shoes is necessary in today's world, even if you don't like someone else's style.
  • D. Beal - Atkins Diet is not for everyoneI am a self professed expert regarding Dr. Robert Atkins. With this in mind, I would like to express my concerns regarding "the masses" skimming through this book to get to the "how to" part. Dr. Atkins' states clearly in the book that certain tests (blood chemistries, glucose tolerence, blood pressure and other monitoring tests) should be taken prior to entering into the Induction Phase of the diet. After atleast two weeks, the above tests should be taken again. Additionally, if medication is being taken, (i.e- high blood pressure or any blood sugar altering meds) the Atkins' Diet has a profound effect and therefor only a physician can regulate your medication. The diet will give most people positive results, but it is not for everyone. Seek out a physician whose eyes aren't closed to the truth about the eating pyramid. Daily dosages of vita-nutrients are required and make all the difference in the world.
  • Vladimir Miletic - A stunning musical masterpieceOk, The Dark Side of the Moon is the greatest album recorded. The Wall is their most emotional work and Division Bell is Pink Floyd's most mature work. Whenever I can choose what to listen to, I'll take Division Bell. It's unusual, and only true Pink Floyd fans will know how to appreciate this.
    Pay attention to these songs: Great Day for Freedom, Marooned, and What Do You Want From Me?