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Drug Study Institute - Drug Study Institute enrolls our patients in your drug studies as research subject volunteers in order to help you get your NDA from your IND from the FDA faster with easily verifiable data.


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  • Sadpanda - great product for bad breathso i purchased this product because i was having issues with bad breath. I tried different things (flossing, brushing twice, using different brands of mouthwash), but none of them seemed to work. Luckily, I chanced upon finding this product through Amazon. I ordered it and upon trying it for the firs time, my bad breath almost completely went away. I also bought the toothpaste counterpart. Both of them work really well. For those of you who are struggling with bad breath, I highly recommend them.
  • sleeve - The Pink Rights ShoeBesides loving the bodacious pink color, I was amazed to find that they are actually much more magical than a wand; even one with its own camera. For years I had been wanting to go to the doctor all by myself, and after donning these magical gems, it happened. After popping these pink pups up there in the stirrups, my Congressman's face turned gray, he dropped his ultra wand as he went running out of there; when usually that is his favorite part. It is truly amazing how Civil the Rights pair of Shoes can be.
  • J. Rogers - First time digital reader and I love it!I have owned the Kindle for over a month now and have read numerous books on it. I fell in love immediately. I read a lot and travel a lot so it makes a great plane buddy and it is easy to use. The digital text is incredible and is very easy on the eyes. The numerous font sizes are a great plus also!

    I would like to see a back light in future models, as long as it doesn't compromise the text quality. I love the big buttons to navigate through the pages, however I would like to see a simpler way to navigate through specific parts of a book or reading material.

    The wireless technology is great and the device itself is very impressive. I don't go anywhere without my Kindle!