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  • Michael Hall - Good Upgrade OptionPurchased this with the Sony SS-CR3000 center and rear channel speaker package. This was to upgrade from an existing 2 channel stereo to a 5.1 surround sound system. I wanted to keep my existing tower speakers for the front L/R channels. This powered subwoofer was an excellent value and does an excellent job of reproducing earthquakes, rock slides, and other various and sundry "vibrational noises".
  • Jill Forgey - Aye!!a most engaging tale of time travel, sea faring, pirates, kidnappings, medical intrigue and enduring marital love. excellent read from a beloved author.
  • Donald Mitchell "Jesus Loves You!" - Political Prisoner Turns the Tables on Her TormentersVery bad things can happen to good people when the power of the U.S. government is arrayed against them in court. Ms. Susan McDougal (of "Whitewater" fame) tells a cautionary tale about what happened to her and others who found themselves at odds with overzealous prosecutors. Reading her story reminded me of the show trials in the U.S.S.R. during Stalin's reign in which prisoners were broken and used to implicate others who were in turn broken and used to implicate still others. If you want to get past the right and left wing propaganda concerning the Whitewater investigation, The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk is a great source. Briefly, Ms. McDougal was brought up in a large family with strict rules . . . which she followed. At a strict college, she met an out-of-control professor who successfully persuaded him to become his wife . . . and found that he was soon off prowling for other young women. Jim McDougal was a manic-depressive who was usually in his manic phase. He was also obsessed with being in control, and made all decisions in their marriage and business activities. You'll be sure to believe that after you read the story about the "home" he bought and decorated for them. Along the way, he dreamed of making an area where political movers and shakers would fly into for weekends in Arkansas. He found a beautiful stretch of land, and recruited as his co-investors Bill and Hillary Clinton. The project failed. Later, McDougal founded and rapidly expanded a savings-and-loan to help pursue his land development deals. With little experience in the business and driven by his psychological problems, the business failed after a spectacular temporary rise. Shortly before the marriage collapsed, McDougal arrange for a loan to his wife to be used for a new investment project. She picked up the check, and he used the money for other purposes. She left for California, they divorced, and she started up a new life with former co-worker, Pat Harris (who assisted in the writing of this book). In the new life, she eventually found herself living a claustrophobic existence as the 24/7 assistant and bookkeeper to Ms. Nancy Mehta, wife of conductor Zubin Mehta. The stories she tells make Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous seem modest by comparison. At the end of this experience, she is falsely accused of embezzling $150,000.At the same time, Kenneth Starr took over the investigation into possible wrongdoing by President and Mrs. Clinton. The "investigation" turned into a witch hunt in which potential witnesses were offered blanket immunity if they could provide the "goods" on the Clintons. The prosecutors knew what story they wanted, and would settle for nothing else. After David Hale and Jim McDougal decided to play ball, their testimony veered into misstatements about Ms. McDougal. Soon, she found herself facing a two-year prison term. Immediately thereafter, she was subpoenaed to testify before the Grand Jury. She realized that if she told the truth, she would be contradicting Hale and McDougal, and would probably be prosecuted for perjury. So she refused to testify. Normally, such a witness would be kept in jail for a few weeks or months on such a refusal. Ms. McDougal served the full maximum of 18 months. Then, she began serving her two-year term. She was released early due to extreme problems with her spine that could not be properly treated while in jail. Kenneth Starr's minions then attempted to get a criminal contempt of court conviction by asking her again to testify to the same Grand Jury. She again refused. At the same time, she won her case in California. President Clinton then pardoned her for the original Federal conviction.I was particularly impressed by her story of her experiences in jail. She took a lot with good humor and grace. I particularly enjoyed the ways she used to get her story out and to help the other women prisoners. Based on my knowledge of the criminal justice system, it looks like she was being persecuted for political reasons while in jail. She bore up well under it all, except that her health suffered. Anyone who wants this to be a free country owes her a debt of gratitude for what she did in standing up for the truth and herself.I also enjoyed the many places in the book where she exposed false statements by special prosecutor Kenneth Starr. If anyone should suffer for perjury, he is a good candidate. Fans of Diane Sawyer will probably be dismayed to read about the tawdry role that she played in rigging a misleading television interview involving Ms. McDougal. She also does a good job of debunking the popular theories about why she didn't testify at the time. The logic of her arguments made sense to me. See what you think. As I finished the book, I realized that our concern for good government can turn into a vice. Let's keep things in balance.
  • Richard Schwartz - Breathtaking Photo Book"I believe that your book is as powerful as anything and people need to see it" - Ali MacGraw

    "Frank Bruynbroek's book will be a valuable testament to the human-dog bond for generations to come" - Cesar Millan

    "In photographing rescued dogs Frank Bruynbroek has immersed himself in a project of deep and poignant beauty. Each portrait is a searing guided missile straight to the heart" - William Wegman

    "Frank's book is inspiring, elegant and it elevates our consciousness" - Diane Keaton

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