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  • Mark J - Bad A$$ EntertainmentThe game arrived quickly and on time. Gameplay is awesome with good graphics. Once installed, don't need CD to play which is convenient. Only downfall to note is that must have internet connection to play; there is no offline play which is slightly disappointing. I would recommend this game to any gamer and especially fans of the Diablo series. :D
  • tom - Seems to work...I started taking this product after watching a Doc OZ episode. I usually take 3 tablets twice a day, one hour before I eat lunch and 30 min to an hour before dinner. Didn't really notice a change in my hunger. But combined with some other things I learned from different Doc Oz shows I've lost 30 pounds since October. I have not increased my exercise at all. I'm pretty active at work, and don't have a lot of extra time to exercise. When I started this produce I could barely fit into a size 36 pants, now I'm back into a 32. I started at 210 in the morning and now I'm at 180. I also used a calerie MyFitnessPal counting app on my phone. I found putting value to everthing I put in my mouth also helped. I started my day with a protien shake of 30 grams of protien in the first 30 min. I'm up in the am. Then I eat every 2-4 hours starting with at least 6 grams of protien and usually having a oatmeal bar at around 2 1/2 to 3 hours after my shake. Then eat a good lunch watching my carbs, not cutting them out totally just cutting them way down. Example turkey lettuce wrap instead of on bread. Then I eat another snack at 2-3 hours later usually with protien and a carb around 200 caleries or so. Then eat a sensable small dinner. But you know I'm not usually even that hungry at dinner time. I also have quit putting anything in my coffee, no creamer and no sugar. It was hard at first but I think that had a lot to do with my weight lose. I think adding a small spoon of sugar with every cup never let my body use the fat I had stored. I think putting these thing together really did it for me. I had never been able to lose more than 5 pounds before trying these things. I do think the product helped me lose weight and inches!
  • Tomas "Tomas" - One of my favorit albums of all timeOK this is an rock opera and this one togher with The Who's 2 epic master pieaces Tommy (The firs rock opera ever)
    and Quadrophenia are the 3 best rock operas ever created and this one have no problems to breath the same air as the Who's 2 magnum opus.
    It is a very beautiful album with very strong songs not any weak moments everything fits togheter perfectly yust like it shuld do.
    It have some hits on it to like Another brick in the wall part 2 and Comfortably numb, i dont' realy know what more to say its great belive me I have owned it for some years now and I have had many great lisenings with it very priceles and timeles music that never grows old. Higly recomended.