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  • M "CultOfStrawberry" - just what I needWhat with the nuclear arms race in Iran and all the other woes our world faces today, one can't have too much uranium stored away for the future. Here, it's a pretty affordable price, so I don't have to put up with price-gouging from black-market sellers anymore. Thank you for such a quality product at such a reasonable price!
  • oplutz - Roadtrip Navigator 2012I have used Roadtrip Navigator for many years. I have tried MS Software too. The package from Delorme, Street Atlas, I have used for over 10 years. I upgrade Street Atlas every other year. I also upgrade Roadtrip Navigator every other year. For planing a RV trip you can do no better than Roadtrip Navigator. Is it perfect, NO. It doesn't list most of the Thousand Trail or ROD parks and I have to supply the address to the program. The ease of use and, especially, when you change your route or schedule, is outstanding. The national weather and road grades are really nice. Wish they showed the elevation ( I have a heart condition and can not go over 3000 feet). Would be wonderful if they get the program on the tablets (need to have the program to run on the extended memory). I don't use it in real time as I have an on-board navigation system but have used it just to see it connected to the GPS from Delorme. It worked great.

    I will say I was a BETA tester for Delorme for a number of years and they do supply great software at a very good price. The Roadtrip Navigator is just so much easier to use to plan an RV trip with many many stops.

    Otis P. Lutz