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  • S. Sedona - Canon 10-22mm lensI have been very happy with this lens. I like to take a lot of landscape type pictures, and I really wanted a lens with a wider angle. I took this lens to the beach and the angle was so wide that I could get the last of the sunset and the moon in the same picture (the moon was almost directly overhead). I would just say if you get this lens to make sure you also have a lens that zooms since the nature of this lens is to not zoom in very much.
  • Patricia A. Arteaga "Patti" - Stolen MemoriesThis was an E-ticket ride to say the least. What if you wake up and the last six months of your life are missing. You have a boyfriend you don't remember and the doctors say you need to take this medication for the next six weeks. Also, you caused an accident and your brother is severely injured. Add to this you find out you can take memories from other people without them knowing. And who's trying to kill you and what do you know that they want? Ted Dekker is always a thrill a minute. Highly recommend this book.
  • Munchkin - Kindles are awesomeI debated about purchasing a Kindle for several months. As an avid reader I decided it was something I just had to have. I absolutely love it. No more driving to the bookstore only to find out they don't have the next book in the series, or waiting for a book to be delivered by mail, or packing three books for a vacation, or trying to get rid of the books already read.

    The best features for me are the instantaneously download of books and the ability to adjust to a font size that is comfortable for me. No more reading glasses - yeah! I was also pleased to find out that the Kindle store has some books for free. I have discovered some new authors and liked a couple of them so much I purchased the next book in the series - and so sales tax either. I just wish I had bought a Kindle sooner.