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  • John J. Avery - DON'T MESS WITH ANNSay what you want about ann. call her names, shout her down at universities [ so much for free speech ] and throw pies at her [ well, at least attempt to throw pies at her, the last two "gentlemen" missed by a country mile ] you can't hurt her. she lives for this stuff, she just keeps coming back for more. she's a little over the top at times, but we need her to provide balance for the michael moore's of the world. unfairly vilified by the mainstream press, "how to talk to a liberal" aims right at the truth. no sugar coating here. her treatment of the hypocritical NY times is funny and right on target. I love her caustic humor. don't miss the dvd "is it true what they say about ann" a great companion piece to all her books. she spars with katie couric briefly, but of course couric is no match for ann. my only complaint is that it's only 43 minutes long. but worth every penny, and there are a few extras. you don't want to miss bill maher defending her [ yes, you heard that right ] 'how to talk to a liberal" is my favorite of all her books. this is one lady the left does not want to pick a fight with. she is one great american.
  • Sheila Reimer - Thanks!The book arrived in great shape! I would recommend this book to anyone looking into a profession as a medical coder!
  • Donald Mitchell "Jesus Loves You!" - A Spare, Compelling Look at a Difficult Transition"The man who commits adultery with another man's wife, he who commits adultery with his neighbor's wife, the adulterer and the adulteress, shall surely be put to death." -- Leviticus 20:10 (NKJV)

    In the first book in this planned trilogy, Wolf Hall, we saw the unexpected and adept rise to power of Thomas Cromwell in serving King Henry VIII. At the end of that book, Henry was smitten with Jane Seymour and Cromwell had a sense that this was an opportunity to overcome Anne Boleyn whom he had helped to become queen at the king's request.

    In Bring Up the Bodies, we follow the plottings leading up to the death of the former queen, Katherine of Aragon, the failed attempts by Anne Boleyn to provide a male heir, the rise of the Boleyns, continental power politics, and the king's (and Cromwell's) desire to gain income from church lands. The book culminates in the trial and execution of Anne Boleyn and those found guilty of adultery with her. We also see Henry VIII as an aging man, grown more foolish in his desires to stay young. With lots of dialogue and stream of consciousness narration, we see the delicate balance that Cromwell had to keep in all of his endeavors. It was a mighty challenge.

    The strength of this historical novel is making the events of a distant past more understandable and emotional for us at this distance in time. I applaud Ms. Mantel again for choosing Thomas Cromwell as her narrator. He is the ideal character to cast these events into a more objective light. She lightly trods the balance between real events and guessing what Cromwell thought of them in a way that seems wholly accurate . . . while making the telling much more compelling by placing us in it as we identify with Cromwell's desire to properly serve the king's and England's interests.

  • Kristen - Quality info with good resourcesI did sooo much research before I decided what study book I would get for that dreaded GRE test. Everywhere I went, Kaplan was highest rated so naturally I had to go with that. When searching on Amazon and reading reviews, I didn't get the same vibe that I did on other websites. I was hoping for every review to be at least 4-5 stars and some reviews weren't half of that, which made me start to think I should look into a different publishing. Nope - so glad I got this one. It's literally exactly what you need to study: simple, straight to the point, informative, practical, etc. The GRE just sucks, that's all that is, there's no study aid that will make the GRE not suck. However, if I had to choose again, I would still go with Kaplan Premier (CD rom and internet access is a huge plus). So, your $20 something (if that) will not go to waste. Don't second guess purchasing it like I did or you'll just waste precious study time!
  • csoltesz - I call it "Zap Thingie" and I will never be without it.One: a huge "thank you" to all the people who reviewed this before me and convinced me to buy it.
    Two: After years and years of fighting with hairs -course, black hairs on my Irish skin, far too many of them above the collarbone- I finally, finally have found something that ACTUALLY WORKS. I have been using this for about four months now, and my hairs are down about 50%. And as an added bonus, many of the hairs I do still have have faded to a pale, nearly invisible color!!!!!!!!!
    The happiness and relief should be able to be bottled and resold. I would be very, very rich!!
    Three: it does NOT work instantly. The day I got it I tore the package open, watched the DVD and excitedly flashed my first hairs. I wished wished wished they would all be gone the next day!!
    Nope. Oh, well!! 😄 So I continued to tweeze & shave. (I have never had the pain tolerance to tweeze my upper lip.) And that has been my routine since. Flash once a week (I'm not saying you should do that, only that I do), tweeze lower hairs when I feel them & shave upper ones.
    But instead of doing this process every single stinkin day (or else!!), I now only tweeze & shave twice weekly, and can even put it off a day if I forget! And as I said, the hairs are much, much sparser. I have still only rarely had the experience of having a tweezed hair "fall" out at the touch of the tweezer, so they must either just simply not be growing back or falling out when I'm not noticing. But I have had it happen a few times. I could name several specific hairs that definitely are GONE. Ok, l haven't seen them in two months. Close enough!!
    I suspect it will probably be a full year before I am really, truly 99% hair free, with only touch up tweezes and a twice monthly maintenance flash. But, based on what I have seen so far, I have no doubt, after a lifetime of "Oh, geez, not again", I will get there. I am more than willing to be patient! And I have started using it on other hairs around the body, such as armpits and bikini line. Those seem to be reacting even faster than the ones on my face. (If you don't shave a long hair and use a high setting it frizzes up! I don't know if that helps it not grow back faster, but it seems to for me.)
    I am sorry that it does not work on darker skin. I hope they find a way around that, but until then, the paler you are the better this works. Painwise, the pain is so minimal for me, even on the highest setting, that I'm not going to bother to mention it. I have not had any reactions or burns, although please do be very careful and go slowly when you first start!! Start on level one :) And the DVD is short. Watch it!
    (Just as a matter of opinion, I don't waste flashes on my legs, as it takes too many of them. I did zap them once, but have limited the rest of my flashes to elsewhere. This let my cartridge last four full months.)
    I hope that helps! As you can probably tell, I am completely thrilled with this device and would recommend it to anyone. Good luck to all!