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  • Alex Fagan - Coldplay deliversThe cinematography is absolutely beautiful, shots so well framed that they are literally moving pictures. The black and white scenes interlaced with shooting colors reflect the overall feel of Mylo Xyloto. Chris Martin states the inspiration for the album came from the image of a red rose shooting up from the concrete and it is clearly reflected in their performances. Coldplay is not simply a band but a collection of real artists. The interviews in between songs give insight and make the members real and human. Any fans of U2's Rattle and Hum will instantly spot the influences it had on the creation of Live 2012. This is an absolute must own for any fan of Coldplay and fan of great concerts. I will be watching it over and over again. Well worth the $25. And it comes with the live CD! A great bonus and added value!
  • james - no reason why it shouldnt get 5 starsThis tablet rocks it is lightning fast u can get all firmware updates now and run ice cream sandwich the camera is amazing great pics I'm finding myself using it for everything great product i am in 16 x 80 manufactured home at far end of house and get great wifi signal i do have wndr 3700 n600 net gear router though i didn't buy for GPS so i couldn't tell you i also tether to phone i have also used friends ipad2 it by far runs smoother and graphics r better and he agrees and he paid more money this tablet is the reason apple is comming out with ipad 3 asus has set the new standard
  • Chrystie Street - From aggressive Crohn's to complete remissionI am going to make this review short and sweet. I first heard about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) while researching Crohn's on my iPhone, hours after being diagnosed with the disease. I was sick and fuzzy-minded, wearing a hospital gown and outfitted with a PICC line straight to my heart. Numerous drugs were flowing into my body to combat the injury and raging infections caused by aggressive Crohn's. A few weeks later, I was reading Breaking the Vicious Cycle, purchasing a yogurt maker and starting the diet.

    4 months after going 100% SCD, my blood test results came back completely normal - actually, stellar. 6 months after starting the diet, there was no sign of inflammation in my body. 8 months after starting the diet, I had a job and more energy and mental clarity than I had felt in years. My doctors couldn't explain my improvement, since I had refused to take the aggressive biologic medications that were recommended.

    Keep in mind, before I started SCD I was hospitalized with such severe injuries from my body attacking itself (including a humongous hole in my small intestine) that I could have died. So, 8 months may seem like a long time, but considering how much healing my body needed to do, 8 months is not that long!

    I'm not keeping my promise to make this short, so I will conclude by saying:

    1) SCD is a life saver. Start by reading this book.

    2) Once you learn the diet, you will find that everyone in your household will want to eat your SCD food rather than the "other stuff". SCD food is good. There are plenty of beautiful SCD recipe blogs out there. Google them!

    3) The diet is NOT easy, especially if you are sick, exhausted, in pain and fuzzy-minded when you are starting. Join the "BTVC-SCD" yahoo group for support and guidance. The gals and guys on that message board will answer your questions, help you tailor the diet to your own needs, help you learn from their own experiences, and give you much-needed support when you go through reactions or setbacks. They all contribute to the message board out of the kindness of their own hearts. They want to help others experience the same improvement in symptoms that they have achieved.

    4) The diet is 2 steps forward, 1 step back. It's tough, but worth it. Follow it 100%, listen to your body and don't give up.

    5) The diet works together with conventional medicine. Not being able to go off medication does not mean that the diet isn't working. Some people need medication in combination with the diet. Some are able to go off their medication within a few years of starting the diet. Either way is OK. Medication won't prevent the diet from working!
  • navywife - Very happy with this stroller!My daughter is almost four months old now and we use this stroller almost every day. I did a lot of research before deciding on this stroller and I could not be happier with my choice. I LOVE the versatility of the stroller. Switching back and forth between the attachments and folding the stroller down is extremely easy and quick.

    We have used the bassinet quite a bit for our daily walks in the neighborhood. My daughter loves napping while we stroll and the UV hood protects her from the sun. She has also slept in the bassinet at night when we've been on trips and it has worked really well for that too. My only complaint about the bassinet is that the UV hood doesn't completely cover the baby, so we end up having to drape a blanket over the hood to make sure all the sun is blocked. Otherwise, though, we could not be happier with the bassinet and I would tell anyone looking for a stroller for a newborn that the bassinet is a must-have. If Uppababy can find a way to collapse the stroller with the bassinet attached, they will really have out done themselves.

    We also decided to purchase the attachment so that we can snap our Chicco car seat into the stroller. For the extra $30 or so that it costs to get this attachment, I would recommend to to everyone. It makes getting her in and out of the car so much easier than if we had to unstrap her from the car seat and strap her into the stroller, especially when she's sleeping. Can't say enough how great it is to have this option. My sister has the same stroller but opted for a convertible car seat for her son. Once she saw how easy it was for us to snap our car seat into the stroller, she decided to go out and get the Chicco car seat too.

    Now that my daughter is out of the newborn phase, we still use the bassinet some, but we also use the toddler seat for her. She really enjoys looking around at everything and this seat gives her the perfect perspective to do so. The versatility of this seat is great. We can lean it back for her so she can look up at the sky or sit it forward so she can look at us. It can also be attached to the stroller facing forward or facing backward which is really nice.

    I have been very happy with the basket under the stroller as well. While its not as accessible when you have the bassinet attachment on, I usually need the basket space when we are out and have the car seat attached. With the car seat attached, the basket is huge and I can do all of my grocery shopping using the stroller basket, rather than getting a cart.

    One thing the stroller is missing is a drink holder so I would recommend buying this accessory to add to it. If you use the stroller as much as we do, you will definitely want a place to put your water/coffee/etc.

    To be clear, though, this stroller is not a compact stroller. It fits easily in the back of my sedan and my SUV, but the wheels on the back are somewhat wide set which makes getting around small spaces challenging. It works fine for me in the grocery store and at Target, but I've noticed at the mall that the wheels are too wide to get through some stores. We also live in a small apartment and weaving it through the furniture can be annoying sometimes.

    Overall, this stroller is amazing. I've used my friends' strollers of different brands and find the Uppababy Vista to be higher quality, to be more versatile and to give a smoother ride. As I said, I have used this stroller almost every day since my daughter was born and it has been a great accessory!