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  • DLarsen - Outstanding story. More, please...I loved this book and have recommended it to others already. It's some science fiction -what would happen if suddenly your long-deceased loved ones just appeared on your doorstep, alive again? What happens to long settled lives lived without them, parents who are now elderly who lost young children, parents who left us with dementia, or spouses now remarried? It's obviously science fiction because it doesn't address cremation, or mortuary preservation of bodies, or graveyard disintegration of same, but just stop and think of the problems and possibilities. This book addresses the issue mostly from the perspective of one elderly family who suddenly is presented with a returned child, and the society coping with a sudden influx of thousands of Returned people. Both government and people try to cope, but it becomes overwhelming. It's a thoughtful and thought-provoking book, and I'd like to see more from this author.
  • Hopeless - Very HappyBeen working out for five months and only lost 20 pounds, then plateaued. I dropped and additional 15 pounds in one month with this product!!! I love it. I was a little bummed that its only a three week supply. I wanted to get more out of it by taking 2 before each meal but you really have to take the recommended 3 pills before each meal for it to work. I have a sensitive heart, I cannot even drink caffeine, let alone take diet pills but this is all natural and I feel great. I stopped taking them for two weeks just to make sure the weight didn't pop back on. And it didn't, so back on them to loose those last ten. The feeling of being less hungry only comes during the 1/2 to 2 hours after you take the pills so then you just eat less at that meal. It does make you "go" more. Up to three times a day. Good luck. I highly recommend it.
  • Rachel - Amazon verified purchaseI had the old Print Master version and I used it for many years. It was a very useful product, but it was time to upgrade. I didn't realize how much more had been added to Print Master until I decided to look it up at Amazon. I am very happy with this product and the person who uses it for our church broschure is happy too. I am a teacher and it is a tremendous program to have.
  • Thomas C. Lemm - Great grill for patiosBegan using the Patio Bistro electric infrared on the balcony of our lake condo (open flames are banned) over the holiday weekend. Have cooked chicken, wood planked fish, and steaks. Seems very similar to a gas grill except you do lose some heat when opening the cover. Heated up to 550 F in less than 15 minutes. Food taste is much better than I expected - just a good as our Weber Genesis gas grill at home - some smoking even without wood chips. Assembly took almost an hour, but not bad - everything fit together as described.
  • Thomas Tousignant "music & photography" - convenient USB portsI needed to update my external USB ports and I chose this device. USB 3.0 is the upgrade speed for version 2.0 and if used with a computer or laptop with 3.0 capabilities it is a bit faster. So far this device has been reliable without any failures or problems. I have no complaints and I feel I can rely on it to work good whenever I plug a device into a port.

    I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for an external USB 4 port hub.