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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • David A. Meyerson MD - Customer Service Worked Well!While we haven't used the product for enough time
    to evaluate its effects (only a week), I wish to note
    that Scott, in their Customer Service department worked
    diligently and virtually immediately to get us a replacement device
    when we received one that was suboptimal. Scott's contact at Derma Wand is:
    Five Stars for this Customer Service Effort.
    DM - Baltimore
  • Ani - Worked wellI was very skeptical of taking these pills, seeing the price. However, I took the recommended amount before each meal and the second night I woke up at around 4:00 am and felt very ill. I ended up throwing up for about an hour this plastic blue goo (it's really hard to explain), it was very painful. After that I still took the pills because I thought that that's how you lose the weight. But that is not true, then for about a week nothing happened at all except losing weight magically (nothing came out). So I bumped up the recommendation to three before each meal and that's when it really worked!!! But it happened about three hours after I took the first three-make sure there is a bathroom near- you will need to be able to quickly go to the bathroom and sit there for a while.
    I have been on Lipozene for less than two weeks and have already lost 11 pounds, I only run about 20 minutes a day and don't diet. I will have to stop with this product due to finance. I wish I could afford more, but as soon as I can I will be ordering this product again!!!! It was so helpful.
  • Christina - Appropriate for women in many circumstances, not just the privilegedThis was a great read that I have highly recommended not only to other women in my life, but also to many men - including my incredibly supportive husband and my male boss who is a great champion of women in our workplace. I have read criticism of the book that indicates it does not apply to all women - that is true, but it is in no way targeted only at the rich and privileged. This book will resonate with women that have choices in their career and this personal life.

    This book is very straightforward and inspirational at once. As a working mother who is successful in male dominated industry, I relate to many of the things Sandberg cites as common pitfalls women are choosing to fall into without realizing it. This is a great read and I highly recommend it!