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  • Buttdiver "doodie head" - My Mom and Dad Dont Hit Me AnymoreBefore listening to the program with my parents I was beaten with a switch on a daily basis. My foul mouth and excessive drinking of cough syrup earned my knuckle sandwiches from my dad, and hair pulling from my mother. But now I am a good boy and they no longer need to beat some sense in to me. Thank you James Lehman, you may have saved my life...literally.
  • Leeg509 - A great little book packed with intestinal truth!This is a truth filled book that really helped my brother recover from Ulcerative Colitis. He was near surgery but this was an answer to our prayers. He had bouts of cholangitis (?) for years after a bile duct resection. These stopped immediately upon beginning this diet! Never had them again!He takes NO drugs at all now. This is like the Caveman and Paleo diets but has the science spot on for optimal health. He did this SCD diet for 2 years and is now just on a GF diet. It's one of God's miracles! "Ask and you WILL recieve"!
  • Barbara Conelli "Author of Chique Travel Book... - Is the author hiding in my closet, observing me?I admit that I didn't know what to expect when I first opened the book. A twelve-week process that's supposed to unblock you and help you understand you art? Can there be anything I haven't read yet or haven't tried? Can there be anything I don't understand about artist's life?

    Already after reading the introduction, I was hooked on Julia's wisdom. I couldn't stop reading. I dragged the book everywhere, although it's a pretty heavy tome. I did all the exercises, even those that seemed "ridiculous". I started doing morning pages and celebrating artist's dates, and I haven't stopped since. I finished the program in less than twelve weeks, much less, actually, because I could sense the process was changing my life.

    Although I love everything about Julia's book, there are two things I'd like to highlight: Julia is gentle and straightforward. She teaches you very gently how to be self-nurturing and take good care of your gifts. And she also tells you in a very straightforward manner that there will be doubts, there will be fears, and there will be roadblocks and bumps in the road. Always. But you can overcome them if you not only read about her powerful tools, but actually dare to use them (because it does take courage and resilience to pursue your art and follow your dream).

    After reading and doing The Artist's Way for the first time, I'm going through the book again. Very often I look over my shoulder thinking that Julia is hidden in my closet, secretly watching me. She knows what I'm going through and it feels like she's talking directly to me through the pages of her book.

    Should you read just one book about creativity, make sure to read - and do - The Artist's Way. It has changed my life - in the most unbelievable, magical way - and it will change yours too. Do your inner artist a favor and buy this book.

    Barbara Conelli
    Author of Chique Books filled with Italian passion
    Chique Secrets of Dolce Vita
  • Martin Pausch - An album like none before!!!This stuff is simply the best Floyd album I have ever heard. It is the last "big" album of Pink Floyd. For me this album is simply the top of the work of Pink Floyd. It is very hard to create a better album after the great albums: "Atom Heart Mother", "Echoes", "The Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall"; But Pink Floyd made the incredible thing: They createt "Animals". Instrumentally it is perfect ("Pigs", "Sheep") and vocally Roger Waters and David Gilmour hormonized better than ever before ("Dogs"). Buy this CD, then you will own one of the greatest album created in the 20th century!!!
  • Naomi (Storm) - You had me at "oxtail".......which is a pretty big claim, because the oxtail soup is at the very beginning of the book.

    This is my second Slow Cooker Revolution book from America's Test Kitchen, having found my new go-to beef stew in the first, I had to have the second volume. The second volume is just as interesting as the first, including a recipe for a oxtail soup (a favorite of mine, but getting harder and harder to find in restaurants).

    As with the first volume, this new Slow Cooker Revolution goes from appetizer all the way to dessert. Also similar to the first book, many of the recipes are not 100% cooked only using a slow cooker - in fact, quite a few recipes use the oven or cooktop as the starting or finishing point (mostly for browning or pre-cooking). Not all the ingredients are "homemade" either - there are a few instances of things like enchilada sauce or pre-cooked rice. However in general, most of the recipes are just meat, spices, and broth.

    If you liked the first Slow Cooker Revolution, it's more of the same. If this is your first slow cooker book and you're looking for something to spice up your boring "just chili and soup" recipes for your slow cooker, this is a great book to pick up.