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  • Jersey Shore - IT WORKS!!The first time I used it, it did not work too well. I found the reason for that was my fault. In the prep stage, the instructions are clear that the skin must be roughed up so the skin is open to receive the tag remover. I did not go far enough in the prep stage and it was not effective.
    Once I became a little more aggressive with the prep, it worked exactly as it was supposed to. The instructions were accurate as to what to expect and I am extremely pleased. I had a mark on my face that was driving me nuts! Everytime I looked in the mirror, that is all I saw. Now it is gone and I don't cringe everytime I look in the mirror.
  • M. Wharton - Love, Love, Love my Galaxy Tab 2I love this!!!
    I knew I wanted a tablet but I wasn't sure which one I wanted to get. I did some research and this tablet was rated as excellent. I love everything about it except, it will only let you print to a Samsung printer, which is not a big deal, I have a laptop that I print from. It would just be nice to be able to print to any printer because I'm not going out and buy a new printer just for that.
    The battery life is a lot longer than I thought it would be. I keep it in sleep mode and it is ready at the touch of a button and I only recharge every 3 or 4 days.
  • Sharon Beverly - Fictionalized Biography of Early 20th Century Brahmin FamilyA toss, that's all it took. The mid-wife's tossing a lemon to the expectant father waiting outside the birthing room's window, allowed him to calculate and chart his newborn's life. Just a toss. Lives were foreshadowed, marriages arranged, and destinies set.

    Have you ever wondered what it must have been like to live in your own great-grandparents' era? What customs were they bound by? And how differently they viewed their time, what we see as `history'.

    Reminiscent of great epochs such as War and Remembrance (Wouk) and The Manor (Singer), The Toss of a Lemon (Viswanathan) brings us into her family's late 19th century home in southern India. We become the fly-on-the-wall. From her great-grandmother Souvakami's marriage as a child bride, to her demise decades into the 20th century, we see life through her eyes.

    Viswanathan's plot isn't exceptional. It's that of every family; living, rejoicing, and grieving. And as mundane as that may be, she breathes life into each character--and there are many--letting each one speak with his own point of view and voice. Her objectivity as narrator is a remarkable quality. It allows us to watch with an unbiased eye.

    She empowers the reader to vividly sense locale, food, and customs. The author transports us to the hot, dusty paths of the fields and the exclusive quarter of Brahmin homes. One can almost taste the curries and vegetables with Viswanathan's descriptions of food preparation, cooking, and spices. Rather than explaining Brahmin ritual, she portrays it. Whether incorporating them in the food's placement on banana leaf plates, the proper behavior of a widow and her inability to touch anyone before sundown, or divining a suitable marriage partner with a horoscope, we learn the Brahmin way of life.

    Swept up in the changing political tide, we see old values discarded, much like shells left on the shore as the sea foam ebbs. British imperialism, the caste system, and its values are questioned. The price for a modern India is embodied in the losses Souvakami endures.

    As sophisticated as we like to think we are, nothing surpasses entertainment as that of the ancient storyteller. With The Toss of a Lemon, Padma Viswanathan holds the primitive `speaking stick'. Sit. Allow yourself to be spellbound. Follow the tapestry she weaves of her family's tale.
  • blinkey5 "Heather" - Excellently writtenThe writing of this story was done very well. It flows with ease. It also goes into detail about what she went through in those 9 months, the details of what it was like, the few times she was almost discovered, and how she was finally brought home. Many will also be relieved to know at no point does she go into detail about the sexual abuse and rape. There's even one point where I wished she'd give a little more detail, because she basically just says it's something she never dreamed someone could do but stops there. If you've wondered what it was like for her and how she dealt with things after you won't be disappointed!!
  • Steve Gates - Office for Mac 2011 is a MUST UPGRADE from 2008The improvements over Office 2008 are incredible. The Visual Basic toolbox is back, allowing many more functions (for example, a proper equation editor- essential for engineers).

    The interface is almost directly in line with 2010 (for Windows)- very nice.

    Also, its very quick. The applications launch MUCH faster than 2008 and everything is much snappier.

    I have been using 2011 for 2 months now- never going back to 2008.