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  • Robin Lee - "Tis The Season"......The graphics are festive and beautiful for this time of year..It really brings out the warmth of the Christmas season...Back ground music is Silent Night and is very soothing..It has 20 levels and objects are well hidden as usual..But, that's the fun of it...Plenty of snowmen my favorite yet...
  • Tracy R - Gave me my life back.I am 23 years old and young and naive at the age of 20 I let a doctor stick me on prescription after prescription of antibiotics for chronic bacterial infections over the course of a year and a half or so. I didn't know that I was practically poisoning myself. The medications damaged my skin and after a regiment of three prescriptions on a three week period my body never seemed to be the same. I suffered severe bloating, constipation, and other digestive problems. Even worse, I was still getting infections. I went to several doctors about my bloating and constipation and no one could help me. Some told me to drink more water and other told me to eat more fiber. I knew it was more than that. I did some research and my symptoms lined up with candida perfectly. I immediately stopped taking antibiotics, started on probiotics, and changed my diet. Nothing was helping and I was absolutely miserable. I spent hundreds of dollars on cleanses, enzymes, and probiotics. Some helped slightly but not enough for my to be happy. My uncle finally suggested fivelac and bought me a box. I had been skeptical before that because it had gotten very mixed reviews. I gave it a try and holy crap am I glad I did...I started on one pack a day. It took a week or so but my digestive system started working normally again and my bloating was almost nonexistent! I still have issues here and there, especially if I stop taking the fivelac but I'm always back on track when I start again. Fivelac literally saved my life! Just be patient with it, it works.