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  • Roy Stephenson - Kindle FireI debated for months whether to buy one or not and finally decide to do so and I wasn't disappointed. Love reading books on the Kindle Fire, love watching videos on the Kindle Fire when a tv isn't available, love being able to download magazines & newspapers that I already subscribe to on the Kindle Fire. In summation, I love it and highly recommend to anyone looking to buy a tablet.
  • jc114 - The only acne treatment system out there that worksI've tried for a long time to find a product that clears up acne and keeps acne away. I've tried Proactiv and Skin ID, I've even dabbled with so called home remedies, but none of these items could keep acne away. Proactiv would clear up my skin but sure enough acne would come back up - not to mention this product bleached everything I owned, more or less. Skin ID, I don't know why I even bothered - it was a good sales pitch but there wasn't even a single positive result from using this product. I heard about Exposed and decided to give it a whirl since I really had nothing to lose at this point. Ever since I started, I haven't looked back. This system not only gets rid of acne in a couple weeks but actually keeps them away. I've found that taking the supplemental pills really help - not only do I use the facial wash system, but regulating my hormones/facial oil from the inside has shown great results. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who's desperate for a system that works, or is in the market for the first time.
  • sue arendt - My favorite vaccum ever!This thing works it! love it! love it! I now own three of them and have sold them to my mom the neightbor and my daughter!! I have central vac at home and it doesn't do 1/2 the job this does :) do the test yourself vaccum with the central vac and then go over it with the Shark and you will see what I mean! Amazing!!!
  • Paul Jutras - kitten loveThe one thing about the Love At Stake series is that so many characters were introduce in the first two books of the series that we've hardly seen new characters introduce as it went on. It was a nice surprise to have Shannon's sister Caitlyn introduce as she goes to her nephew's birthday party. She is introduce to the super natural world in a odd way when she see her nephew flying in a basketball game. She's not sure what to believe when her sister tells her that their dad been mind control their mom and sent the girls away kept them apart when couldn't control them. She falls for were panther Carlos with love at first sight. As he did her. His need to have a were panther as a mate and refuses to risk her life in turning her and continue to search for a were mate. One that takes them into the jungle where a group of humans wish to offer them as a sacrifice to the local vampire. I really love the use of the were children in this book though I think she should of ask Emma for a job at the school as a language teacher or counciler for the kids rather than becoming a body guard of good vampires and battler of evil vamps like others in McKay.
  • Pam R - Best SecurityI like AVG because it is easy to use (I'm a novice) and walks me through most everything. Also, I tried Norton anti-virus that was free with my Comcast subscription and it slowed down my computer-very annoying when streaming movies...don't have the problem anymore with AVG. Had AVG free and then upgraded.