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  • pantsaregood - Premium handset at an affordable price.I've always been a fan of Windows Phone. I purchased an HTC HD7 in 2010, an HTC Titan in 2011, and now I've moved on to the NOKIA Lumia 920. This phone has impressed me in every way.

    The call quality, antenna strength, camera, and device performance are all exceptional. The phone is built like a tank, as well.

    However, there are two points I must make:
    1. This is a beast of a phone. As far as dimensions go, it is actually slightly larger than the HTC Titan. This isn't an issue for me, as I have large hands, but I can see some people finding the device unwieldy.
    2. In my opinion, this phone, while utterly amazing, is not worth paying contract-free price for if you are using a Windows Phone 7.5 handset. While I certainly do notice the NOKIA Lumia 920 loads apps faster and has less trouble rendering some web pages, I must say that it does not make my HTC Titan feel slow. Benchmarks place the NOKIA Lumia 920 as being almost 250% as powerful as the HTC Titan, the fastest WP7.x device. This isn't a knock on the NOKIA Lumia 920, but a statement of "don't expect miracles; your Mango-based handset already performed well."

    As per the title of this review, you should understand that you're getting a phone that is marketed as a direct competitor to flagship devices. Compared with the $300/2 year contract 32 GB iPhone 5, this phone is certainly a fantastic alternative for $100/2 year contract as-per AT&T.
  • William R. Drake - An Outstanding Approach To A Better BackBecause of two herniated discs and sciatica, I did a thorough study of ways to have a healthy back. In the process I ordered about 15 different books from Amazon after studying the reviews left by Amazon readers. One of the books I discovered on, and ordered from, Amazon was Esther Gokhale's 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back. Of the books I studied, if I were to recommend a single book to help one recover from back injury or to avoid back injury, it would be this book. And I have recommended and loaned it to many people. After my doctor borrowed my copy and looked it over, he was impressed enough to buy his own copy and to encourage his patients to adopt some of the book's approaches.

    Because of her own back problem, Esther Gokhale (pronounced "Go-Clay") studied at the L'Institut d'Aplomb in Paris, which teaches a new way of using the body. She also spent a great deal of time in third world countries which had people who often carried heavy loads on their heads, picked up items from ground level all day long, etc., yet did not have back problems. Over time she put together am amazing approach to using the body for standing, bending over, sitting, lying down and walking. This approach helps elongate (decompress) the spine and avoids straining the back.

    Her book is simply marvelous. It is presents her teachings very thoroughly and contains dozens of beautiful pictures of third world people performing challenging tasks with excellent posture. Some of the procedures are very simple to apply and others take a bit of practice.

    Esther has trained over 300 doctors as well as many hundreds of other people at her center in Palo Alto, CA and at other locations. Her work has helped a number of people avoid surgery and it has glowing reviews from quite a few physicians as well as others. (For example: "By using Esther Gokhale's novel techniques, many patients can avoid needless and expensive medical procedures, and quickly return to a pain-free life." - John Adler, MD - Professor of Neurosurgery, Stanford University Medical Clinic.)

    If one wants to avoid back injury or further back injury, and/or heal from a back injury, I can not recommend this book enough. In addition to the book, one can order a new DVD from Esther's website, "Back Pain The Primal Posture Solution." I first saw this DVD when it was aired on my local public television station as a pledge drive program recently. I have the DVD and it is an important addition to the book because you can see the approach demonstrated with several students. Like the book, the DVD is "first class" and highly recommended. If one wants to go further, he/she can attend one of Esther's workshops. I did that recently and found it extremely valuable.
  • H. Rose - Read or remain ignorantMr. Scahill is objectively showing the world some of the stuff our government is doing. It's HORRIFYING but at the same time refreshing to have someone whose courageous and intelligent enough to find the facts, no matter how repulsive they are. I saw him last night in Oakland and he seems very authentic.

    If you'd rather bury your head in the sand and pretend that everything is fine or none of it affects you, then this is not the book for you.