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  • Nancy Lesslie - Not a bad panMy (grown) daughter is an avid cook and she loves this pan. In fact we cook in it every day and absolutely love it! Nothing sticks and we never use oil, butter or sprays. Even when I accidentally burned a tomato based sauce in it the other night not only did it not stick but the burned sauce didn't have a burned taste. I don't know what people expect for $20 bucks but we are very happy with ours. We wish they would make a griddle because pancakes are great in it, again cooked without added grease of any kind. We will be purchasing more orgreenic cookware
  • PAL - Get Ready To Be ChallengedIn no way was I ready for the impact this book has had on my view of Christianity in America. It is a hard read only because it is hard to swallow the pill that's good for you. Otherwise, it flows easily and can be read in a short time. I wish David Platt would share this to the American world in our megachurch pulpits. This is what the church needs to hear, but she's not gonna like it! I was challenged in my faith and lifestyle and I think 2011 will be different--better--for me because of reading this book. What we've always been taught subliminally in American churches isn't necessarily biblical--Platt brings it back to how Jesus would think about our American Dream.