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    J.K this is only cool because of the comments and pics.
  • Coby - Great TabletI really spent a lot of time researching tablets before I decided on the iPad Mini. The device is light and because I purchased the 64g it can store all the music, movies & e-books that I have. My wife who so isn't so keen on tablets uses it regularly with ease. Good bang for your buck and practical.
  • Cherry45051 - LIFE CHANGINGI am one of the biggest critic's and yet I have found Dr.Phil's book to be one of the most Honest filled, Character reflecting and Integrity motivated book I have ever read. I READ THIS BOOK WITH INTENSITY RESULTING IN AN IMMEDIATE AND PERMANENT CHANGE....READ IT and your life will truly be changed for the better....Love..
  • Kenneth Poindexter - THE BEST RESOURCE FOR ANYONE THAT WANTS TO GET BETTER AT PRODUCING VIDEOS!In this book author Steve Stockman does a phenomenal job of cutting through all of the technical jargon and complicated specifications associated with video production. He provides a concise and simple framework that anyone can understand and implement to make interesting and compelling videos. Steve has an enjoyable writing style peppered with wisdom accumulated from years of experience doing commercials, music videos, television shows and films. I have been producing commercial videos for some time and I am changing the way I film and edit because of the insights Steve has shared in this book. Whether you are producing video for family events and holidays or the next epic production BUY THIS BOOK AND READ IT. I have twice. You will make better videos.