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    I found out about this product from some of the ladies in my small group. They kept talking about this weird name and for two weeks I kept looking up the wrong name. Finally I found the Garcinia HAHA! I ordered from this company because my friends had a good results with the product. I started taking this product a little over 3 weeks ago and I feel a tremendous change in my body composure inside and out. I still need to lose a bit more but everytime I get on the scale, I am happy. Thank you!!

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    I suffered an ongoing infection for four months involving a simultaneous yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis. I went through various forms of anti-biotics from my healthcare provider and practically drank yogurt thinking it would help. I was on the final day of my oral anti-biotics and still felt dirty. Fed up, I found Rephresh while rummaging for options I could buy. Two weeks after I bought this I went to the gynecologist office just to check. Gone, all of the infection. I don't know if it will work the same for others. Rephresh managed to get in before the bad stuff could come back. I will continue to take this. The cost of these pills is peanuts to the repeated OBGYN visits and prescription medication I endured for four months.