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  • Brian D. Rubendall - A somewhat overlooked masterpieceBecause it essentially contains only three songs, "Animals" is not as popular as the other albums from Pink Floyd's heyday. But it is a classic almost on par with "Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall." The lengthy instrumentals are never boring and the dark, cynical lyrics by Roger Waters achieve a kind of demented poetry. Downcast music simply doesn't get any better than this.
  • Shawty27 - Samsung Tab2 10.1I really love this product. I haven't purchased the product as yet but I am contemplating. Would I be able to go on facebook? Can someone please give me the steps as to downloading archive adobe flash. I would really like to know that I could look at movies in my pleasure. This seems like a great buy anyways. Thanks much in advance for comments.

    I love everything about the tablet expect the following:
    . There is no USB port for flashdrive, hence I will have to purchase a OTG USB Kit to use to transfer data
    . The tablet does not have adobe flash player to watch certain movies.
    . If I am on Facebook etc and I wand to listen movie form youtube the page that is facebook is on will blanket out and youtube comes on. Long story short, you cannot be on facebook and listen music at the same time.
    . The battery doesn't last that long especially when watching a movie or playing songs.

    I would recommend this product to anyone. Great product as a gift. A case is recommended to put the tablet in to keep the tablet in good condition.
  • Astr0120 "Give me the Simple Country Life" - Just what I needed for my MacBook ProThis is a great case for MacBook Pro. I ordered the Rose Red, color is true to the picture. My favorite color is pink
    so the Rose Red serves as the hot pink color I was looking for. Snaps right on to my Macbook Pro, no problems.
    Has a rubber feel, makes carrying my MacBook Pro feel more secure due to the grip that it gives. Those
    with MacBooks know that the casing can be quite slippery. The keyboard cover is great, fits right over my keys and still
    allows the light from the backlit keyboard to show through. Protects against dust and other issues common
    with laptop keyboards. I did not use the screen protector, I for present time do not need it right now. I have it put
    back and will put it on if needed. However, it looked very easy to put on a take off for those interested.
    All in all, I am very pleased with the color, durability, and quality of the Mac Book Pro case.
  • Joseph Plumb Martin "Over age in grade" - 5 stars to counter the idiots who say this thing sucksGentlemen (and ladies)..

    Just got one of these and i'm, going to get a few more..
    the device (phone, tablet, AR-15) you want to stick to it WILL stick.. and it IS hard to peel off..
    solution..? leave a little, some or most of the clear plastic cover on the sticky part to whatever is stuck on will release more easy..
    trial and error work best so start with a large percentage of the stick surface covered..
    NOW, if you are indeed trying to stick an AR-15 (aka scary looking semi-auto rifle) you'll probably need two or three of these gripgo things..

    I also like the suction cup as it goes on and off easiuly and seems to stick well while applied..

    all in all the gripgo i got works well..