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  • Sandi Shores "Kitchen Intellectual" - The Bible on LCDr. A has been proven right time and time again, people called him crazy when he first suggested that carbohydrates caused weight (fat) gain and now decades later the science proves him correct over and over again.

    This book is amazing in its clarity and purpose, to help us lose weight and eat healthy.

    It's hard at first to give up all those yummy carbs but it is so worth it if you want to be healthy and thin. This diet will make you healthier than you have been in years.

    Fat phobia has caused the obesity epidemic, there is NO reason to cut real fat (not processed fats that are bad for you) in your diet, it is good for you and does not cause you to be fat, fat is the bodies way of storing excess carbs, so eat less carbs and your body doesn't need to store any excess, it's pretty simple.
  • wackdado - Great TabletThis is a great tablet is less than 1lb and is fast.
    I add a attachable keyboard and now have about 18 hours of use time.
    The build is very strong.
  • Willis J. Adair ""Only in the darkness ca... - Now I have much more space on my harddriveI bought this as a backup device for my iMac (which has a failing harddrive). I backed up everything which made my family very happy. I also use it as part of a media server that houses all our ripped DVDs, recorded tv shows, and music. IT accesses quickly and still has about 750 gigs of space after backing up three macs to it.
  • Magnus - Different in a good wayAt first when I bought this book to read on my Kindle it felt like a gamble. The description didn't sound *that* good, but the ratings were ok... so I went for it.

    I am glad I did.

    It's hard to give this saga a short recap and make it representative of the book(s). Thus the title of this review, different in a good way. It takes a short while to move yourself into the world that Howey constructs, but once you're there you get stuck and don't want to leave.

    This saga has a great depth, characters are acting like real persons, the world seems to move. Even though the setting is quite odd all bits and pieces are well thought through and make sense. I don't think I ever reflected upon a fact and thought that it was dumb or impossible, it's well thought through.

    This is a book I'd recommend (have done) to readers that aren't used to this genre of books. There are a lot of sci-fi kind of concepts, but those aren't at the forefront, the story is. And the story is great, gripping and really entertaining.