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  • boomboomoil - Holding up wellLittle bottle yes, but, enough to do my entire jeep. It's been 4 months, stuff is the real deal. Still looks brand new like the day I put it on. Will see how it goes the next 16 months, but, great real deal so far. they have demos on you tube showing apllication methods and discussions. Holds up I am buying more to try on my shutters, we shall see.
  • delwood - Acne treatment kitMy isurance company won't pay for certain acne medication beacause of my age ........
    so I looked for products online to use and came across this treatment kit on Amazon.
    I have very sensitive skin and folowed the instructions on using small amounts at first.
    After a month of using this product I notice my skin looks a lot better.
    I have moderate adult acne and will purchase more of this treatment kit in the future.
  • J.M. Romero - Nothing else works for me.I spent a lot of time trying to get a certain look, which is hard to describe, out of digital art programs. I purchased Corel Painter 11, which has its uses (few, in my world), but I am NOT a computer techie, so many of the nuances of Painter made me want to scream. I still haven't made peace with that program; the term "buyer's remorse" keeps fighting its way to the front of my mind.
    Not so with Sketchbook Pro. After a couple of days of fooling around with it, and watching a few tutorials on YouTube, I managed to very easily dial right in. I haven't had as much FUN with art in years---almost like discovering a new set of superpowers! In the past, I would have to draw a picture with a brush on bristol board, scan it, then add color using Painter, which never looked "right" to me. Since Sketchbook is so intuitive and easy to manage, I can do pencil, inking and coloring very quickly, and all the art looks integrated, so close to traditional media that the differences aren't worth mentioning. Fantastic software. I recommend it highly, and it's inexpensive...a rather nice bonus.
    You really ought to have a Wacom-type tablet to wring the most out of this program, so get that, too.
    You'll be glad you did.
  • Sunshine635 - SweatblockWe bought sweatblock for my 16 yo son. He has used every week for 16 weeks and really has seen great results. He is no longer ruining all his t-shirts or having to change two to three times per day. It really has helped reduce the amount of sweat. The longer we use the better the results are. There is no build up or residue. We love it and would recommend it to anyone.
  • M. Roberts - Great replacementI hope as most of you, I started out with the sample kit. Most of these bad reviews have not tried the product in the past. Great replacement and such a fair price. I bought Golden Fair and was surprised when the description stated it was the "Large" size for the price it was listed at. It is in fact the Large sized. The problem with this listing is that they are SO many sellers, SO many colors with SO many product descriptions. But I can vouch that Golden Fair is true to it's description. Will purchase again.