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  • S. Dakin "CEO - StopPoliticalCalls.org" - Smart and Pragmatic, particularly on PrivacyHats off to Robert Scoble and Shel Israel for coming up with a smart and pragmatic book. I work in the area of data privacy advocacy and am in the weeds. Here in Washington DC we debate privacy laws, privacy harms, and the differences between the EU and the USA with regards to privacy approaches.

    Scoble and Israel look at how technology is being used to make our world better. And that is a good thing. Yes technology can be scary and it, of course, can create harm. The reality, however, is that most of these innovative and hip silicon valley (in mind not always location) are simply trying to do something cool and change the world.

    More power to them.

    Bottom line? Those companies that can produce the most TRUST will win. Consumers will not continue to do business with companies that lose their trust.

    And once you lose that trust, you've lost a customer, perhaps for life.

    This is the money quote for me: "If features aren't the deciding factor, how will we choose? We think that most people will select the products made by the companies they trust the most. The most transparent companies-- the ones that give the user privacy options they can understand and the option to turn apps and devices off and on as they see fit--will be deemed the most trustworthy. Similarly, companies whose products warn users before they do something that may embarrass them will be valued and trusted, gaining their loyalty along the way."

    Great book Robert and Shel !
  • Badwolf - No more banana purée!Prior to this mind blowing invention, I didn't have the means or the ingenuity to get inside of a banana. My family used to put our bananas in the street and I'd run over them with may car at 42 mph. As you can imagine, this wasn't ideal, but it was all we knew. The Hutzler 571 slices thru bananas like Doctor Who slices thru time and space! We're out of the street and back in the kitchen!!!
  • K. Morgan - Five Stars for High Five!High Five is the fifth book in the Stephanie Plum series. It does not disappoint! There is enough mystery and fun to keep the reader entertained for hours.Stephanie is struggling to pay the bills in High Five as there are no FTAs to apprehend. Her Uncle Fred has disappeared and out of loyalty and pressure from her family she is trying to find him. Since this isn't a paying job she becomes part of Ranger's work crew and does various jobs for him. She has developed an attraction to Ranger and isn't sure this is a good thing. Her relationship with Joe Morelli is currently off. And as is things aren't complicated enough, Benito Ramirez, the psychopathic rapist/killer, is out of prison on parole and is after Stephanie. Just another day in the life of the "bombshell bounty hunter".High Five is an entertaining read. It has enough mystery to make it interesting and enough comedy to keep the reader laughing out loud. After each Stephnie Plum novel I read I wonder how the author could write anything else that would top it but Janet Evanovich does. She manages to keep the reader interested in Stephanie and her quirky family and friends. This book has all the characters we have come to love in it and also two new ones, Bunchy and Briggs, that kept it fresh. The plot was excellent. The reader is kept wondering what happened to Uncle Fred all the way to the end. And the ending itself is a mystery. Just who exactly came over to give their opinion on the little black dress? I thought this was an excellent way to end the book.High Five is an excellent read that will keep the reader entertained and laughing for hours! A must-read book!
  • SOlson - A worthy successor to Wolf HallAnother wonderful novel by Hilary Mantel and a rightful winner of the Man Booker prize. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this turbulent period from the famous, albeit little-known, perspective of Thomas Cromwell. Mantel's writing is witty and her dialogue is convincing and compelling. I love the depth of character that she brings to each of her players and the way she takes well-known details and gives them life. I can't wait until the third installment of this trilogy, although I regret in advance Cromwell's downfall that will surely be the focus of the book. A
  • Patti Fischer "pattifischer" - Simple to useI've used this product in the past, so was a little familar with WillMaker Plus. It's pretty standard software. Load onto the computer and follow the steps to download it.

    You can only use it for one person, so don't think about sharing it unless you want to purchase one that allows you to share with others.

    As for this software... It even has a video to help you get started and to import contacts. Once you register, then you go right into the setting up your will. In addition to a will, you get to create a durable power of attorney document, a health care directive and other documents that you may need. You can even create a final arrangements checklist for your survivors.

    WillMaker also gives you other forms that are not really part of your will, but useful for folks. This includes such things as authorizations for minors, a housesitting agreement, request for a birth certificate. There is really a lot of forms that you may use in your lifetime, but probably several you never will. But WillMaker tries to cover all the bases.

    It's convenient and easy to use if you're looking for a low cost alternative to hiring an attoreny.