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  • Renee133 - Great overnight bag for kids - just note that it is the size of a standard backpack thoughI bought 2 for my boys (17 months and 4 1/2 yrs old) for our trips to visit family out of state. We go several times a year and I have always put their clothes in a huge bag with mine or used one bag for them to share which would lead to the 4 year old digging for his clothes and mixing them all up. I wanted them to have their own bags from now on, especially for the 4 year old because he now packs his won clothes (using a checklist of pictures) and then he can get himself dressed on the trip without mixing up his clothes with his brother's. Note that this is about the size of a regular/adult size backpack with wheels and handle. It's not really a luggage or suitcase per se.

    How much can you fit?
    For the 4 year old, I was able to fit a week's worth of clothes in the summer - 7 tops, 7 shorts, 7 underwear, 7 socks, 3 pajamas to wear twice each, and swim shorts. I wash all the laundry on the 6th day if we stay a week or more. In colder weather it will be less that fits in here due to the clothes being bigger. I used it in the fall and was able to fit about 4-5 long sleeve shirts and 2 short sleeve shirts, 5-6 pants, 7 underwear, 7 socks, and 3 pajamas.
    For the 17 month old, I was able to fit a week's worth of clothes for both the summer and fall trip, with room for 2 aden and anais muslin swaddle blankets (he uses as his bedtime blankies) and an Ikea Spoka nightlight with the charger. I think I also had an extra outfit for him just in case. Also, I put the diapers and wipes in my bag, there's no way to fit a week of those in here with clothes.

    It pushes the bag to it's limits for a full week trip, but anything less than that and you would gain some room for a toy or books. We bought the little matching backpacks for them to pack toys and books in though and that works for us. Granted, its 2 more bags to carry, pack in the car, and keep track of however then the toys and books are more portable to take around and they don't have to dig in the luggage for those items. Usually the luggage is upstairs in the guest room and the backpack is downstairs in the living room, so it makes sense for our trips.
  • Q. Ellis "queridaphile" - TASTES GREAT! BONE ITIS!JESUS IS LORD!

    Hello everyone. I have bone-itis. I . . . did not drink milk. . . i didn't head the message that 3 glasses a day build strong bones! Now I am using dragon natural speaking to type this to you because my fingers are not strong ehough to type!

    But then I drunk Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz of HEALING! and now the doctor says that my bone itis is stil la hideous uncurable disease! But the milk sure is tasty!!!!!