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  • `1223 - Great game, problems at the beginning, improvements being made.While at its initial release, there was various problems(error 37), melee being 1 shot in inferno, shit legendaries, etc. The game has made leaps and bounds of improvement, especially with patch 1.0.5

    Ignore the 1 star reviews. If you read through them, you will see that about 70% of them are due to the first day server problems, and the other 30% are stupid and trivial reviews from Butthurt D2 fanboys.

    There's a reason this game has received critical acclaim from the professional know, the ones that aren't biased, whiny, and butthurt....many of these one star reviewers played the game through inferno, which is by far 20+ hours of game time. If the game is really that bad, why would they play it for that long? A game shouldn't get a 1 unless it's umplayable....this is far from it.

    The music is beautiful, the atmosphere is great, and the playable "classes" are different and fun to play. The story could use some work, but it is hardly terrible, just run of the mill.

    You without a doubt get your money's worth out of this game.
  • Jason M Carroll - very impressedI was a little worried about buying this product because alot of the reviews i read online said that it had bad wireless card reception and terrible gps reception. I got to say it is awesome i have great use out of this the wireless picksup networks that my laptop cant even find. The gps on the other hand only works if you are outside, in your car u cant get great signal but who would use this for directions, just get a smart phone. I am very impressed with my tablet the graph8cs are unbelievable and the tegra 3 quad core processor is amazing. I would recommend this tablet to anyone who was thinking about getting it.
  • Monika Blazewicz - Excellent Drug GuideThis book is a great reference for medications for nurses.
    Contains relevant nursing considerations for all medications, including patient education points.
    It's arranged alphabetically, but the appendices contain lists of drugs commonly used for certain medical conditions.
    Also like that it covers the less frequently used drugs (like antineoplastics).

    Just a word of caution for Australian and British nurses: some drug names used in Australia and Britain do have different names in North America (paracetemol is just one example), so you need to be cautious about this. A quick google search usually helps.
  • Michael "Michael" - Cheap and worksI got the GripGo at Bed Baths and Beyond for 10.99, not here on Amazon, but wanted to give a review anyway. I used the one in my girlfriends car that has been used a hundred times and it worked fine on my iphone 5 with a case on it. You have to make sure it is stuck on there good, hers was a little dirty and it still worked find. I just got mine and used it today going to work and it worked like a charm. I'm keeping the plactic cover for the gel and putting it back on when not being used to keep it clean. That should make it work better and then keeping it in the glove box when not used. It was only 10.99, so if it only works for a month, i got my mony out of it. It's not an expensive unit that should last for a lifetime, here today gone tomorrow. If you want a permanent more expensive unit, look a ram mounts, they will sell you one for quite a bit more that is custom fit for your device and will work for a lifetime. There are also universal mounts out there too, but cost over $60, just rememmber you get what you pay for. Don't pay more than $10.99 for this device and you will be happy.