Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments - FRAME believes the current scale of animal experimentation is unacceptable. However, FRAME recognises that immediate abolition of all animal experiments is not possible.Vital medical research must continue to find treatments for diseases that lessen the quality of human and animal life. New consumer products, medicines, and industrial and agricultural chemicals must be adequately tested in order to identify potential hazards to human and animal health, and to the environment.

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  • Erol Esen - Greatest Architectural Tool Since the RulerIf you are new to AutoCAD, you need a good book to learn it from. I have recommended this in the past: Up and Running with AutoCAD 2012, Second Edition: 2D and 3D Drawing and Modeling. This is a tremendously powerful tool to design pretty much any structure. My interest in it is to design a yurt as a livable house.
  • mzjensgoodfinds - Love this stuff!I received a free sample from Smiley360 of this cold sore medicine to try and tell all my friends about! I love trying new things and was especially excited to try oragel since I already like the medicine for tooth aches. This was just as good. I get a few cold sores a year so I was glad to get medicine to help!
  • Gelly - Telebrands Orgreenic Frying Pan, 10 "Awesome and it's the 3rd one I've had since my housemate keeps ruinning my pans. I guess we both like to use it, but this time, I'm keeping it in my room!!! I'm not a possessive person........unless you're scoping my pans!!! I use just a tiny bit of garlic butter and I never have a problem with sticking. It says to season it but I use butter as a coating. Eggs taste better with garlic butter!!! I think you should season it if you don't want to use butter or oil all the time. We need to take care of our pans always.
  • King of Mice Studios - An Absolute Delight!As an admitted anglophile (who is married to an Englishman), it's been my long-time dream to experience a transatlantic crossing, and tour Britain with my guy. I'm not sure if it will ever happen, but I am sure I've just experienced the next best thing!

    With her usual enthusiasm, humor, and sunny outlook, Susan Branch makes the reader feel as though they are traveling the English countryside too - I could almost feel the rain, taste the delicious pub meals, and inhale the scent of those gorgeous gardens. If I had to write a one-word review of "A Fine Romance", it would say "swoon!"

    As an artist, I've long admired her illustrations, and just adore all her books, but must say Susan has truly outdone herself with this one. Not only the art, but the writing, the photographs, the music and movie recommendations, the recipes she includes - everything about this book is just stellar, and I'm already compiling a list of people I need to gift with this book come Christmas.

    And to everyone not on my Christmas list, do yourself a favor - buy this book, brew a pot of your favorite tea, and be transported!
  • Misty Kimble "Misty" - My Crohn's Disease is manageable w/o medsI was diagnosed with Crohn's disease last September. I was in a lot of pain because I had inflammation from my stomach all the way to the other end. Conventional meds weren't working so my doctor told me in December that I would have to go on Humira or Remicaid or would be facing surgery in the next year. Either would cost me about $600/month out of pocket. I got the BTVC and started the diet Jan 5, 08. I didn't do the intro portion and jumped right into eating whatever I wanted. I had some relief but was still taking pain meds. I joined a Yahoo group dedicated to SCD and found out about the intro diet. I started that on Feb 5. My pain stopped within 48 hours and I have only had a couple of "flares" or setbacks as I call them since. I slowly add food one thing at a time to my diet, go back to intro when I eat something that doesn't agree with me, and I couldn't be happier. The reason most people fail on this diet is because they eat advanced foods to fast. I am currently off all meds and haven't had to take a pain pill since Feb 5. Go to and look at the stages they have outlined. They don't work for everyone, but will give you and idea of what is considered an advanced food. Try the diet if you have digestive issues. I promise it's worth it.