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  • A. Anderson - from a born skeptic, this stuff really works!This stuff is expensive but it's worth it because works really well. I didn't even catch my cold sore at the first tingle.

    It had been tingling and itching for a day a half, my lower lip was noticeably swollen, and the site was red and puffy at the eruption site. I knew it was a only a matter of time before the hideous cluster of weepy bumps appeared.

    I took a chance and purchased Abreva because I had nothing to lose (sans twenty bucks). My discomfort was relieved almost immediately and the swelling started to subside after a few hours.

    It's a day and a half later and my cold sore isn't even detectable. And a little goes a long way!

    I officially love this stuff.
  • Denise Silber - 1st DIY Digital Handbook for Healthcare Professionals and EnthusiastsIf you are interested in the Internet and Healthcare, Social Media in Clinical Practice by Berci (Bertalan) Mesko, published in August 2013 by Springer, should be on your fall reading list. In case you think I am influenced by the fact that I know the author, Berci Mesko, well you are right! His hard work and desire to do things professionally do impress me.

    The book, Social Media in Clinical Practice, which I'm going to call SMCP for this review, brings the reader much more than its title implies. SMCP takes us by the hand through all of the practical knowledge that will help the reader use the Internet and related tools efficiently. In addition to being a guide to the use of Social Media, SMCP presents search engines, RSS Feeds, Virtual Worlds, blogs and how to start one Mobile Apps, collaborating online, how Wikipedia works, presentations and slideshows, and even email and privacy.

    These chapter by chapter topics, with easy to understand explanations and notes for further reading, are useful regardless of the reader's involvement in healthcare. Each chapter first explains a digital concept that is applicable to all subjects and then brings it back to healthcare. And while many books on the Internet and medicine stray into banalities, making them a waste of time for people who work on the Internet and Medicine, SMCP will bring learning to everyone including "experts."

    Furthermore, while Internet books are notoriously out of date by the time they are published, SMCP is completely up-to-date. I also believe that it will be easy for the author to update it for future editions, given the content structure, by changing the examples, or potentially adding or deleting a chapter as needed.

    This review would not be complete without some recommendations to the author. 1) I would add a subtitle so that the potential reader understands that the content goes beyond Social Media; this is a DIY digital handbook for doctors and other healthcare enthusiasts. 2) I would enrich the chapter about ePatients, which as it stands, is a bit too simplistic. 3) I would include more multi-country data.
    Hey Berci, I'm available for Edition N2. PS to my cyberfriends, don't forget to order on Amazon.