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Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: Vaughan, Nova Scotia

  • Coamex "JL" - Awesome Guide filled with Secrets!I went on my honeymoon to Italy and this book was the only thing I used to guide me around Rome. Rick Steves is simply AWESOME! One example I remember was following his tip about buying the Colosseum tickets on the Colina Palatina booth, in order to skip the HUGE lines on the Colosseum! I did just that and me and my wife went laughing ALL the way from the back of a 200 person line to the entrance and into the Colosseum! AMAZING! This book is filled with MANY, MANY secrets like this and I couldn't find any situation on which Mr. Steves was wrong. If you are going to Italy, take this book with you and SAVE a TON of money! Highly Recommended!
  • Nick M. - MMMMMM GoodI have a rare phobia of buying milk from stores. It's the damndest thing. The doctors don't even have a name for my disorder.

    Thank goodness for Tuscan Whole Milk. It's 128 fluid ounces UPS delivered joy. I'm eating Lucky Charms (R) right now.
  • Susana Fletcher - Wondrous WastelandIf you're like me, and you've somehow got this far in life without reading Cormac McCarthy, stop. McCarthy's latest novel will change the road you're on.

    The Road is a story of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. There have been fires, explosions, and wars, and most life has gone from the planet. Nearly every trace of food is gone. The ashen world has been ravaged for about ten years by those willing to do anything to survive. And walking on foot through the dismal leftovers is a father and son, headed toward the Gulf Coast for warmth. They are two of the few people who are still inexplicably alive. "Then they set out along the blacktop in the gunmetal light, shuffling through the ash, each the other's world entire."

    The characters are referred to as "he" and "the boy", and theirs is a deeply moving story of a father balancing the dangerous scales of self-preservation and integrity and a boy who has never known anything but the atrocities of recent history. They live on small miracles and fortuitous discovery. A savage gang of survivors might be tracking them. And one more thing, the father is desperately sick.

    McCarthy has woven his story in prose that reads like one's dying last words: broken, beautiful, and packed with purpose. "Everything uncoupled from its shoring. Unsupported in the ashen air. Sustained by a breath, trembling and brief. If only my heart were stone." A deeply engaging and heartbreaking journey that will give you goose bumps with each reading, The Road is emotionally challenging and lyrically masterful.