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  • Frank - IBS? Try this product! Working very well for me!Highly recommend this product! Diagnosed with IBS a while back and have tried all the "cures" of which nothing worked. I have been taking this product for less than a week and I have noticed a marked improvement in my condition. The irritated crampy feeling in my gut has finally substantially subsided. Not 100% just yet but I'm very optimistic that in a couple of weeks 100% may be in sight for the first time in a looong time.. Very happy with the results so far.
  • Gabos - Was a girlWe got a girl as shown in the test, the doctor said it was going to be a girl, surprise we got a girl, intelligender sown us ...
  • Michael H. Sangree - blood cries outcormac mccarthy's prose brings to mind shakespeare and the best of king james, a kind of exalted declaratory style which neither invites nor repels a modern point of view. surely there's an arrogance here, to presume oneself fit to comment upon human existence; to evaluate hope, faith and love and find them at best wanting and more likely insufficient in all meaningful respects; to have such balls, to say such things! still, if you buy his authority -- and i do, without reservation -- then each novel is indeed one hell of a ride.

    _the road_ begins its end of this world with the "dull concussion" of an unexplained nuclear apocalypse: that's as global as the story ever gets. from there the cosmos collapse to one man, one boy, one ashen landscape upon which the remnants of humanity savagely struggle to keep on keeping on. unlike more hopeful post-apocalyptic visions, there is nothing ennobling here: if we are made in god's image, mccarthy argues, he must be one hideous wretch.

    in the history of the world there's no evidence whatsoever that there's anything good about human beings, this is a plain fact which all happy philosophies explain or wish away, or ignore, or vehemently deny with such force and beauty as to obscure the concomitant death of reason. mccarthy, of course, would not reach for such an ungainly turn of phrase, but his intricately observed account of characters' lives at the edge of death rests bedrock on this nihilism.

    that his work is such an extreme pleasure to read does not readily make sense -- with all that darkness and cold, christ, one would figure _the road_ to be a long dreary slog. look to the character of the boy, his relationship with his dad, the ways that he sees their bleak journey to the lifeless sea. perhaps this child is mccarthy's most hopeful character to date, or, rather, his only one, a promise of possibility in a universe singularly devoid of light.
  • Rosemary Resler - Finally found my solution for the missing reusable filter!I'm not sure how long I've had the Vue, my guess since it was first released. I believe my husband bought this for me from Bed,Bath & Beyond and I've loved it ever since. I love the fact that I can make a huge cup of coffee and that it's piping hot. The ONLY thing I didn't like about this machine was that there was no reusable filter cups. I like to buy loose flavored coffee, besides the Vue cups(which cost a lot). Well I've found the solution until they make a reusable cup for this machine. I've ordered the San Francisco Bay K-cups and use those with one of the vue travel mug vue cups! The San Francisco Bay cups fit just right into the vue mug cups, you need to just put some foil to cover it so that it doesn't get caught when taking it out of the machine. This has worked very well for me, I'm on my second case of San Francisco K cups and as an added bonus, I've washed some of the San Francisco k-cups out and have reused the filters for my own coffee. Not the best solution, but until they come out with a reusable filter, I'm totally enjoying my Vue machine! I've also read a few remarks on the noise, it really isn't that loud, no where near as loud as the orginal machines. I own the B60, B70, Cuisineart Keruig and the Mini; the Vue makes the hottest and largest cup of coffee. I'm currently using the B70 in my office and the Mini for traveling. If you are looking for a quieter machine the Cuisinart is the quietest one.