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  • Grace G - It just understands me.After years of walking hopelessly lost in endless isles at various office supply stores I've finally stumbled upon the perfect pens for meee. Finally I am content with the gentle and calm colors for my Bic pens. Gone are the days of scouring the ends of the earth for teal or pastel colored pens. Now I can write with ease that says "Yeah, I am calm... and am Woman!" Goodbye boring dull and manly black, blue and hideous red ink! Helloooooo beautiful calm pastel-like colors:) for me!


    From a gal who never has to use manly colors ever again!!
  • william floyd - Love this tabletThis tablet is amazing and for its price idk if it can be beat, it works great and there is no issues with it
  • Lynn G. - A BABY BOOMER'S PERSPECTIVE ON 2012 GRAMMY POP NOMINEESI'm a female dancing, music loving Boomer (born in the early 1950's) who was sadly suffering from lack of appreciation for many artists from the 1980's forward. I admit I was still busy replacing my fabulous '60s and '70's record albums with CD's and finding great jazz CD's. This year (2012) my mind opened and I watched the ENTIRE Grammy's. I was musically REBORN! If you are a Boomer who's stuck in the music of our youth, I suggest you get this CD to help rocket you out into appreciation of some fabulous music produced by offspring of our generation. No, I don't like every tune, and probably only a handful will become true classics. Just use your player's arrow forward button...but do give every song at least three listens before you judge. SOME GREAT MUSIC AT A GREAT VALUE!

    MY BOOMER EDITORIAL COMMENTS ON EACH TRACK: (The * denotes my favorites and ** my SERIOUS favorites!)

    1. **"Rolling in the Deep" by Adele: a great tune with interesting vocals and lyrics. I love the blues/gospel feel. This young woman can appeal to a wide age range, maybe because she bears her heart with honesty and without wild visual distractions.
    2. "Grenade" by Bruno Mars : altruistic, pitiful, graphic and darkly humorous lyrics set to a great tune.
    3. *"Firework"* by Katy Perry: has well placed, fun rhyming in a girl/woman self esteem anthem.
    4. **"Moves Like Jagger"* by Maroon 5 with Christine Aguilera: This quick, catchy tune and rhythm can rocket ones rear end up to dance, exercise, and remember the power of sex in youth.
    5. "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj: Catchy Hip Hop song. The lyrics indicate a scattered brain pouring out a mouth.
    6. "What's My Name" by Rhianna featuring Drake: Catchy Techno Hip Hop tune about sex (no surprise) sung by a girl with a serious crush. The brain need not be engaged to interpret this one.
    7. "Workout" by J. Cole: Hip hop song about a man offering a one night stand. Not deep lyrics but probably a pertinent statement for a performer with this lifestyle.
    8. "You and I by Lady Gaga: A surprising crossover from pop to country that Gaga pulls off well on this appealing tune.
    9. *"Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People: A creative, repetitious, catchy tune with kids getting warned by a deranged person with a gun that they'll be moving targets. I want to keep singing this song though the topic is very disturbing.
    10. "Scary Monsters and Nice Spirits" by Skrillex: Techno music with a SCARY techno monster voice. This is the only tune on the whole album I dislike. I admit it's creative, however!
    11. "Paradise" by Coldplay: This is a haunting, medium tempo tune that's heavy on strings and vocals, and long on nebulous lyrics.
    12. "Walk" by Foo Fighters : A medium tempo song with mostly incoherent lyrics, possibly about someone coming back around after a mental health breakdown.
    13. *"If I Die Young" by The Band Perry: A great country music song with great lyrics from the interesting perspective of the young songstress. It has broad age appeal, and interesting, quality lyrics.
    14. "The Cave" by Mumford & Sons: A catchy quick tempo tune with unusual lyrics wide open to interpretation.
    15. "Holocene" by Bon Iver: A beautiful song with very odd lyrics indeed. I don't get it.
    16. **"Just a Kiss" by Lady Antebellum a brilliant song that captures a critical moment in a new relationship. This is probably the best argument for abstinence at any age. I love the line, "I don't want to mess this thing up..."
    17. *"Mean" by Taylor Swift: This medium tempo country crossover song has lyrical substance. It's a great "get back at" and coping song of a victim of physical and psychological abuse.
    18. "Honey Bee" by Blake Shelton: An appealing, clever country love song.
    19. "Drink In My Hand" by Eric Church: A "Kiss my _ _ _" after work drinking and carousing song. Plain and simple!.
    20. "Dearest" by The Black Keys: A cover of a simple Buddy Holly love song.
    21. **"Don't You Wanna Stay" by Jason Aldean with Kelly Clarkson: A hot country crossover song--an authentic snapshot of attraction told in a conversation. "I don't want to just make love I want to make love last." Instrumentation carries the emotion masterfully. Kelly's vocal interpretation shows the passion and energy of the moment. Kelley's and Jason's voices blend perfectly. Decide for yourself if the couple ultimately "unites". I want a song sequel to see how things turn out!
    22. "Body and Soul" by Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse: This slow duet is well done though it seems out of place and time on this CD.

    I plan to LISTEN UP and stay musically with it. This CD might convince boomers like me to do the same. The payoff is great enjoyment. I plan to listen to pop radio more often and watch the Grammy's with an open mind and ear next year. I don't want to miss out on all the new fun! I plan to keep LIVING my youth with music, not just RELIVING IT!
  • C. L. OLeary - Finally, soomething to get excited about!This little fairy is so much fun. The charging information has to be followed - battery pack on, fairy off - then both on for flying. The off/on buttons are not clearly marked nor which way to put the charging cord in. I just looked carefully at the directions and will mark it somehow to make it easier for the kids (and myself) or supervise. Mine is working perfectly. Since it is a Christmas gift haven't let the kids try it, but I did get on my knees and I could still work it. I think anyone can work it to an extent, but it is knowing when to grab it to relocate it before it hits a wall that takes some amount of forethought and a little skill. You have to grab it from the side mid-thigh or it wll fly off. I have cathedral ceilings (flat not pitched about 14 feet or so) and I can definitely see the advantage because it does go all the way up there, but hasn't touched the ceilling yet. I have crashed it twice and no harm was done, but if it hits a wall or ceiling the flight is over so a small room, low ceiling may not work. Oh, and you cannot use rechargeable batteries - it takes six double a's.