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  • CG in AZ "Carol G in AZ" - Fantastic productThis Murad product actually does all it claims to do. Fine lines are no longer viseable, darker areas under eyes and the morning puffy look is gone! I used more expensive lines, such as Chanel's Sublimage. This cream is as good or better and much less costly! This is a cream I will continue to use. The dispenser is well designed and no excessive cream is wasted. Being over 60 yrs and desert heat in Arizona can be brutal on the tender skin around eyes-- but with this cream you would never know it!
  • Danaii - Wonderful product.I received a free sample from Smiley 360 and tried it out. I have used Abreva in the past but the numb on contact with Orajel is so much better. It really allowed me to get the medicine where I needed it and within 2 days the sore was gone. I'm no longer dreading the cold weather.
  • Kathy Dotson - Killing jesusI have read the entire bible numerous times and attended church and Sunday school thru out my life. I did not come across anything I thought inaccurate. I enjoyed the expounded details and incite from additional historic sources. I will recommend this to who ever will receive it. Good job sharing the good news.
  • Sharon Lewis "yoga chic" - Helped start the cure for 9 months of IBSMy Gastro Dr. mentioned this almost as an aside after trying many tests and months of chronic IBS problems. Finally something that helped! And once I went paleo, that completed my journey to health. Now I don't go without these! Expect gas for 3 days while your body adjusts to good bacteria. Then smooth sailing.