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  • Evega - Love the price!Always been using this software as a precaution for malware and so far has worked well. Easy interface and in my experience doesnt slow down the computers in which is installed. The price is excellent considering what you pay for when buying it freim the storeir norton's webpage. I use it on windows 7 64 bit pcs, so far no problems at all.
  • C. Bernier - The only diet that works for my husband.My husband had an operation about 2 years ago to have part of his intestine removed. He had been on all kinds of medications before that but even those weren't working all day great anymore, plus he was starting to get many side effects from the drugs (water retention, frail bones, and more!). Just months after the operation the pain returned to his abdomen. This time, he was determined to learn more on the topic, read many books, went to see homeopaths, read more books and tested a few different diets. One of the first one was the SDC diet, as described in this book, which is a bit tough if you're not yet convinced of the effectiveness. He tried a few other diets which did help a bit but the problem was still there. When he finally came back to Elaine Gottschall's diet and stuck to it for a bit longer, he became totally healthy. He's now strong, full of energy, and totally off any medications. Once in a while he cheats a bit (garlic bread, or ice cream!!).

    This is totally worth reading. Very informative and will change the life of your loved ones. The diet can be a very balanced in every way (vitamins, proteins, minerals).

    Thank you Elaine for giving my husband hope and his life back.
  • clothdiapermama - Fell in love with this as soon as I pulled it out of the box!Just received this chair tonight and we love it already. It was so easy to attach to our table. I couldn't believe how simple it is. And it is very sturdy!!! We bought this to replace our high glad to have our son sitting at the table with us! My favorite feature so far is that the buckle is covered so that you won't have to worry about mashed up food getting stuck in the latch system.
  • L. Greg Graham - Carrying the FireWhat is life when it is stripped of everything? Is it mere survival in the face of impossible odds, or must there still be a reason for living? The protagonist in this story decides that life must be lived for a reason. Finding a reason in the post apocalyptic nightmare he lives in is nearly impossible. Food is so hard to come by that parents eat their children, survivors must hide from the predatory gangs that wander the bleak landscape and all encounters with other people must be avoided at all costs.

    He decides that he and his son must 'carry the fire'. What is it? The author lets the reader decide. What is it for me? It's all the things that cynics scoff at: that good always triumphs over evil in the end, that there is nothing more precious than love, and that we are put on this world for a reason.

    This is not an easy read. McCarthy pulls no punches here. This is a book of awful choices and brutal consequences, but it is a book that everyone should read. Each of us has within our hands the tools to make this world into heaven or hell. We must always choose heaven. The hell we can make for ourselves is too terrible.
  • Melissa Toledo "Missy" - MMMMM. A Cup of Coffee when I need it.I love my new Keurig Mini Brewer. I've used K-Cups at work before and I always thought it was great not to have to drink coffee from a pot that's been siting around for a while.

    With this beautiful machine, I get fresh coffee, Chai Lattes, Tea, or Hot Cocoa, at the moment i want it.

    It's so easy to use. The water warms up pretty quickly. It's also a very handsome machine. It looks great next to my red blender on the counter.